The Crown season 5, episode 3 recap – who is Mohamed Al-Fayed and who plays him?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Episode 3 of season 5 may feel like a filler, but it’s one of the best-delivered stories in The Crown.

We give a royal recap of the Netflix series The Crown season 5, episode 3, “Mou Mou,” which will contain spoilers, so be warned! So who is who is Mohamed Al-Fayed, and what’s his significance to the story? Let’s find out. 

The Crown always offers a “filler episode,” but this chapter feels highly significant. Cause-and-effect is the game in this season 5 story as we are introduced to Mohamed Al-Fayed, played brilliantly by Salim Daw (the older version) and Amir El-Masry (the younger version). This is certainly a dark horse of a story.

The Crown season 5, episode 3 recap

The Crown season 5, episode 3 opens in Alexandra, Egypt, in 1946. Mohamed Al-Fayed is selling Coca-Cola bottles on the street. He declares himself the best salesman in Alexandria. A wealthy man asks if they can trade together, making 50% of the profit each. They then see the abdicated King Edward waving at the crowds. Later, Mohamed states that he wants to be just as powerful as the Kings and Queens before them.

Mohamed gets married and starts a family with his wife. He promises to be the best father if can be. He calls his son Dodi Fayed.

Episode 3 then moves to 1979 in Paris, France. Dodi meets his father, Mohamed, at the embassy for a meeting with Madame Monique Ritz. He’s trying to broker a deal with the banks to own the Ritz hotel. Dodi translates for his father, and he vows to make it the “greatest hotel in the world.” Mohamed walks out, feeling disrespected by Monique, but she performs a u-turn and accepts his investment. He was a great salesman.

After a glamorous party, Mohamed meets Mr. Sydney Johnson, a man that used to work for the King of England as his valet. He wants to know how Mr. Johnson worked for Edward and wants him to make him into a proper “British Gentleman.” Mr. Johnson trains Mohamed how to be a Royal, including hobbies, making good English tea, and how a Duke should dress.

Mohamed wants to be close to Queen Elizabeth II at a horse riding event. He’s frustrated that he isn’t. Later, Mohamed makes everyone aware that he wants to own Harrods, the famous British retail shop. Dodi is concerned with the ambition to buy Harrods, believing it leaves little finance for his aspirations. The father and son argue, with Dodi wanting to prove his capability.

Mr. Johnson delivers Mohamed bad news, the Duchess of Windsor has died at 90 years old. She is buried at Frogmore. The fate of the Duchess’s house, Villa Windsor, and possessions is now under the authority of the French government. Mohamed manages to broker a deal to restore the old house as a gift to the Royal Family.

The Queen and family members are concerned that all the possessions are with Mohamed and want to solve the situation by getting some items from Villa Windsor back. Mohamed is overawed that he will finally get to meet The Crown staff.

The Crown season 5, episode 3 ending – who is Mohamed Al-Fayed?

The Crown season 5, episode 3 ends with Mohamed Al-Fayed (Salim Daw) meeting members of the Royal Family, and they agree on what possessions the Queen can have back. Mohamed is just happy to make the Queen happy. He has the utmost respect for her.

But tragedy does indeed strike, as Sydney Johnson dies, a man who served Mohamed for years.

At a horse riding event, the Queen sends Princess Diana to sit next to Mohamed. Diana tells Mohamed that she’s been sent as a substitute. Mohamed tells Diana to call him “Mou, Mou.” The pair get along immediately. Mohamed introduces his son Dodi Al-Fayed to Diana. He cannot stay around for long and walks away. The Queen looks on, proud that sending in Diana has worked out, not knowing she has planted a seed for what’s to come.

Episode 3 of season 5 may feel like a filler, but it’s one of the best-delivered stories in The Crown.

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