The Calling season 1, episode 4 recap – who murdered Vincent?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 10, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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This episode marks the final chapter in Vincent’s case. Avi finally uncovers what happened to the missing boy, and the truth is as shocking as it’s heartbreaking.

We recap the Peacock series The Calling season 1, episode 4, “The Break,” which contains spoilers.

This episode marks the final chapter in Vincent’s (Charlie Besso) case. Detective Avraham ”Avi” Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch) finally uncovers what happened to the missing boy, and the truth is as shocking as it’s heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Earl Malzone (Michael Mosley) is sent to investigate a threat at a daycare center. 

The Calling season 1, episode 4 recap – who murdered Vincent?

As he doesn’t seem to have made much progress in locating Vincent, Captain Kathleen is considering taking Avi off the case. But he convinces her not to. Kathleen is worried about Avi’s well-being as he has a tendency to get too emotionally involved in his work the more a case drags on. 

Michael, the writing teacher, appears at the station to tell Avi and Janine about Zack‘s previously mediocre writing having suddenly turned “riveting.” Michael decided to report his student after learning that letters he’s been hearing in class are connected to an actual missing teen, who happens to be Zack’s neighbor. 

Avi and Janine invite both Millers to the station under false pretenses and separate them. As Avi interrogates Zack, the would-be novelist denies any wrongdoing and points the finger at Vincent’s dad. Janine interrupts the interrogation after she hears something disturbing from Dania. In her guilt, Dania took the letters Zack wrote from Vincent’s perspective and slipped them under Conte’s apartment door. Meaning that Vincen’t parents have had letters seemingly from their son since the night before and didn’t report them to the police. Avi concludes that Mr. and Mrs. Conte know their son is dead. 

Still detained, Dania calls Nora with Avi listening and tells her she’s the one who slipped letters from Vincent under their door. An unphased Nora dismisses Dania’s claims of Zack being in contact with her son and confidently states that Vincent couldn’t have written the letters. 

Meanwhile, Earl is sent to investigate a bomb threat at a daycare. The daycare’s owner is dismissive of the threat, and unhappy her staff member reported it to the police in the first place. 

Wanting to give Nora the benefit of the doubt, Avi waits for her to call the police and report the letters and the phone call with Dania. After a while, Avi’s forced to come to terms with Nora’s guilt and brings her in. In the interrogation room, the woman eventually breaks down and confesses she knew her son was dead all along. According to the grieving mother, on the night of Vincent’s death, Leonard walked in on the boy molesting his younger sister. In a fit of rage, Leonard accidentally killed his son and convinced both his wife and daughter to help him cover up the murder. 

Nora tells the police where Vincent’s body is and they find him in the river inside the missing luggage. After uncovering the body, Avi takes the time to say the Mourner’s Kaddish for the young boy. 

Later that night, Avi and Janine share a drink while discussing the case. Janine says that Olivia is denying having been molested by her brother, while Avi is having a hard time coming to terms with Nora’s guilt. The two partners realize they have much to learn from each other. 

The next day, Avi catches up with the Millers who are at the park with their newborn. Zack demands an apology and accuses an amused Avi of being arrogant, before walking away, while Dania expresses disbelief at Vincent being capable of the things he’s been accused of. 

The Calling season 1, episode 4 ending

After contemplating the case, Avi and Janine go to Nora and Leornard’s home. Leonard, now out of jail on bail, reluctantly agrees to let the two detectives in. Inside, Avi reveals his suspicions and accuses Leonard of being the one molesting his daughter. At first, Nora doesn’t believe her husband is capable of such a horrific act, but Olivia confirms. It turns out that Vincent was the one who walked in on his father with Olive and Leonard murdered his son in a desperate attempt at keeping his secret from going out. Leonard pulls out a gun and threatens to commit suicide, but Avi uses his martial arts skills to unarm the man. Leonard is arrested, while his wife and daughter are left devastated. 

The final scene shows an unknown figure seemingly making a bomb. Maybe the daycare owner shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the threat. 

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