The Calling season 1, episode 3 recap – what was Dania hiding?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 10, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Probably the strongest in the series so far, episode three reveals Dania’s shocking secret.

We recap the Peacock series The Calling season 1, episode 3, “The Horror,” which contains spoilers.

Probably the strongest in the series so far, episode three reveals Dania’s (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) shocking secret. While it seems they’re moving further into the investigation, Detective Avraham ”Avi” Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch) and Janine Harris (Juliana Canfield) are still nowhere near the end of their investigation.  

The Calling season 1, episode 3 recap

The episode opens with an angry Dania confronting her husband for “channeling” Vincent in his writing. She thinks that using the missing teen to further his career is sick and disturbing. As they’re arguing, she brings back the bathtub incident, which leads to Zack screaming at her.

While drawing, Avi starts thinking that Vincent has never left the building. He asks Kathleen to seek out a warrant to search it, but she denies it. As they can’t get a warrant, Avi and Janine plot to convince the residents to allow them in and search for Vincent. 

Avi seeks out Dania and asks him about her husband’s professional relationship with the missing boy. She reveals that Leonard pulled Vincent out of tutoring lessons because he suspected Zack of being inappropriate with the underage boy. Dania agrees to let Avi search her and Zack’s apartment and the detective spends some contemplative time there.  

Surveillance footage reveals John was lying about never having interacted with Vincent. As it turns out, the homeless professor lent the teen a book by Alexander Pushkin, but he refused to collaborate further with the police and asks for a lawyer. 

Interested to learn more about her partner, Janine asks Avi why he joined the police force. He reveals his father was murdered when he was a young boy. After Avi makes several stops at his shul to pray during the investigation, Janine asks that he take her there once so she better understands his faith. He reluctantly agrees. 

Zack invites Dania to his writing class and she seems disturbed hearing him read out loud the pieces he wrote from Vincent’s perspective. At the apartment, she goes in for a middle-of-the-night snooping session worried that Zack may be keeping Vincent in the basement’s storage unit. Vincent’s not in the basement, but Zack finds her and he’s not happy to hear about his wife’s suspicion. 

The Calling season 1, episode 3 ending

The following day, Avi, thinking Dania is still holding back information, invites her to the station. In the interrogation room, the Detective works his magic and gets the young woman to confess to being inappropriate with the missing teen. As it turns out, she’s the one who sent the “This never should have happened text,” and it was referring to a kiss they shared. According to Dania, Vincent found out that Hailey was only going out with him to make her boyfriend jealous and had no intention of pursuing a relationship with him. Seeing the young boy so sad and vulnerable prompted her to kiss him, on the forehead at first, before giving him a proper kiss on the lips. Distraught about what happened, Dania tells Avi how unhappy she’s been in her marriage. She also asks him to keep the kiss a secret, but the Detective explains he must tell Vincent’s parents as it’s relevant to the case. 

Avi and Janine relay this new information to Leonard and Nora who are beyond angry. Avi asks to speak to Olivia again, but Leonard refuses. 

An angry Nora goes down to the Miller’s apartment to confront Dania. Of course, Zack is there, and he’s less than impressed to hear about his wife’s indiscretion. However, from his reaction, Dania is convinced Zack already knew about the kiss. 

The episode ends with both Avi and Nora separately contemplating the day’s events. 

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