The Peripheral season 1, episode 5 recap – who has been sent to kill Flynne next?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 11, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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The Peripheral supplies the action in this week’s installment, with plenty of enthralling set pieces and exhilarating shoot-outs to enjoy. However, the villains remain stereotypically one-dimensional.

We recap the Prime Video series The Peripheral season 1, episode 5, “What About Bob?” which contains spoilers.

Since her first journey into the future, Flynne (Chloë Grace Moretz) has been hunted down with a target on her head. First, the Fisher household had to defend themselves against a group of trained assassins, then Corbell (Louis Herthum) had his sights set firmly on the family, and now a complete stranger is brought into the mix to finish off the Fisher siblings, Flynne and Burton (Jack Reynor) for good. “What About Bob?” provides some much-needed action set pieces in this tense installment as another attack ensues.

The Peripheral season 1, episode 5 recap

The fifth episode begins in the futuristic London timeline, one year before Aelita’s disappearance. In this opener, Aelita meets up with old flame Grace, who we last saw being killed by a swarm of bees. The couple argue about their hatred for one another, hinting at a tumultuous history together. Grace has moved on now, she is married with kids. But there is still a spark between the two of them and Grace eventually takes Aelita up on her offer of going for a drink. This drink leads to Grace showing Aelita around the more secretive levels of the Research Institute, and she gives a demonstration of their finest tool. Remember that spiky pyramid that Burton’s avatar looked into? The Research Institute appears to be experimenting with human emotions and Aelita fears the worst from this inhumane tinkering.

Back in 2032, we are introduced to the episode’s titular character, an assassin named Bob. This trained killer is sent a package containing a futuristic phone and a sonic gun. Daniel calls him up and offers him ten million to kill off the Fisher siblings. Bob sees the intense power of this gun and is shaken by the implications, but he cannot flee the situation. Daniel blackmails Bob with talk of his daughter as collateral. Bob has been hired for his notorious skills but cannot refuse the offer when his daughter’s life hangs in the balance.

Daniel informs Bob that Flynne will be having a procedure at the local hospital. He is sent her coordinates and their route home. This is Bob’s only window of opportunity. The killer decides to entice the Fishers over by pretending his car is broken down. While he waits on the bridge, Bob contacts his daughter, talking in code he says his goodbyes. Billy Ann drives by and stops to be of assistance. Bob graciously thanks the stranger, but he won’t accept her help. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize how stubborn Billy Ann is and she won’t take no for an answer.

As Billy Ann heads over to check out Bob’s broken-down car, Burton pulls up in his vehicle with Flynne. It’s a clever setup, Bob’s simplistic plans falling apart before his very eyes. He didn’t count on Billy Ann’s persistence and now has three people to deal with. Bob grabs for his sonic gun and fires at Flynne’s passenger window. The glass shatters, and the siblings’ duck. A tense shoot-out follows as all three locals take on this assailant. Billy Ann swipes her shotgun and fires at the killer, who happens to be wearing a bulletproof vest.

Deputy Sheriff Tommy is called, and Bob is consequently arrested. Tommy questions the witnesses separately and finally heads over to Flynne. He remarks how coincidental it was that the attacker was wearing a bulletproof jacket and that Burton was already armed as if they were both expecting a fight. Tommy is suspicious, but he gets no clues whatsoever from Flynne. She remains shtum on the matter, giving nothing away. Tommy wants to help protect her, but she isn’t cooperating.

Billy Ann asks what’s going on, but the Fishers won’t elaborate with her either. She tells Burton that she knows all about the futuristic timelines, although Burton admits that he doesn’t want to share information with Jasper’s wife. He doesn’t trust him, or Corbell Pickett, for that matter. Billy Ann is hurt that they don’t trust her. Flynne thanks Billy Ann, realizing that her friend is now intricately involved in all this madness anyhow.

The siblings tell their mother the whole sorry affair, from the graves to the future medicine and Corbell’s allowance. Ella worries that being dependent on these strangers from the future is a disaster just waiting to happen, they cannot trust them one iota. Flynne decides to speak with Wilf to end this constant battle once and for all. He is completely unaware of this Bob fellow or another impending attack. Flynne is furious that they gave no warning and notifies Wilf that the law are now involved too. She feels manipulated by Wilf, after her conversation with her mother, and asks him if he has been toying with her emotions. Wilf is adamant that he only has her best interests at heart.

The Peripheral season 1, episode 5 ending

Tommy drives Bob to the station, and the assassin tries to talk his way out of the situation. Bob confesses to everything, explaining how a man forced him to kill the Fishers, threatening his daughter if he didn’t comply and offering him the large sum of money to complete the job. Bob insinuates that these evil entities will come for Tommy next. Bob offers Tommy the 2.5 million to let him go, but before Tommy can turn the offer down, they are involved in a car crash. Tommy is hit by one of those pesky invisible cars. A man exits the vehicle and drags Bob away. Tommy only catches the man’s shoes.

Back in the future, Wilf tries to convince Flynne not to speak with Cherise. She wants to confront the villain head-on. Wilf confesses to killing people in his past, admitting that the process of killing another human being will never leave you, it changes you forever. Flynne ignores Wilf’s warning and heads into the Research Institute to speak with Cherise in person. Flynne asks why they are trying to kill her, and Cherise asks for her specific data to be returned. Flynne states that she doesn’t have anything of Cherise’s and demands that they leave her family alone.

Cherise doesn’t know whether to believe Flynne or not. She retorts that you are either lying or you are expendable. Either way, Cherise wants Flynne dead still. Flynne threatens to attack, and Cherise reveals that she is in her own peripheral suit, she is safe. This doesn’t stop Flynne from fighting the villain and then snapping her neck though.

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