The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 recap – how did Conner sustain his injuries?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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In this instalment, everyone either talks in smug analogies, long-winded soliloquies or just plain, confusing riddles. The episode is however saved by Conner’s heart-wrenching subplot and the promise of more thrills to come from the many bubbling plot threads.

We recap the Prime Video series The Peripheral season 1, episode 6, “F*** You and Eat S***,” which contains spoilers.

The future depicted in The Peripheral seems to be a lawless land, governed by criminals and the wealthy elite. In the latest installment, we finally get to see the Police’s delayed involvement in Aelita’s (Charlotte Riley) disappearance and all these murders. This leads to the introduction of one Detective Ainsley Lowbeer (Alexandra Billings), who looks set to bring further tension to proceedings. In episode six, Flynne (Chloë Grace Moretz) searches for answers, Conner (Eli Goree) seeks a brighter future, and the assassins Bob (Ned Dennehy) and Corbell (Louis Herthum) return to the action.

The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 recap

In the previous chapter, Aelita was given a demonstration of the Research Institute’s latest experimental technology, which involved altering soldiers’ emotions to elicit a response. Well, this episode opens with that actual scene taking place in real-time and of course, the soldiers entangled in this experiment are Burton’s platoon. It’s Texas, 2028 and the Marines are all eyeing that poor dog caught in the barbed wire fencing. Conner desperately wants to go rescue the pup, but Burton thinks it’s a foolish act. Conner defies orders and goes for it anyway, freeing the dog with ease. Unfortunately, this pooch has a bomb strapped to it, which goes a long way to explaining how Conner ended up as a triple amputee in the present. The Marine wakes from this horrific flashback, screaming in agony.

Next, we’re introduced to the inspector on the case, Ainsley Lowbeer, an eccentric but revered detective. The Detective is updated on the killing of Research Institute’s Head of Security Daniel Cook. Meanwhile, in the past timeline, Tommy is told to take a paid leave of absence to get his head straight after the incident with Bob. His nose is still bleeding from the crash and he keeps having flashes back to the event. The invisible car that he impounded seems to have mysteriously gone missing and his boss, Sheriff Jackman, happens to have the exact same shoes as the assailant who caused Tommy’s injuries in the first place. Is there a conspiracy afoot?

Flynne travels to the future for answers from Wilf. They stroll down the capital’s streets. Both agree that each of their respective timelines is a total mess and Wilf explains how London isn’t as thriving as it looks. The people Flynne sees are just holograms, as are most of the buildings in the area. London is still just a ruined city, slowly rebuilding after the jackpot apocalypse. They take a detour to visit a fabricator, in the hopes of learning more about Aelita’s disappearance. The fabricator, who builds peripherals, is less than friendly, but after a tussle, he eventually admits that Aelita hired him to construct a peripheral that could have its eye replaced with a human’s.

Conner contemplates living as a peripheral indefinitely and sparks up a conversation with whizz kid Macon to see if it is a possibility. Macon thinks it could be problematic living in a fantasy world and admits that Conner’s real body could perish. Conner seems adamant that he is going to spend the rest of his life in this future world, in his new avatar body, but the rest of his friends disagree. Even while these two debate the fact, Ash is busy constructing both Burton and Conner’s state-of-the-art peripherals.

Corbell and his wife keep Bob prisoner in their mansion. He is fitted with an electro-shock collar that jolts him whenever Bob tries any funny business. As an example, Bob is handed a knife and fork to eat with, and almost instantly he attacks Corbell with the knife and is shocked. Corbell wants to know why Bob is getting involved in his business. Later, while Corbell is out, his wife talks to Bob. Here, Bob plans his escape. He destroys her fish tank, letting the water and fish flow from the glass container. The wife shocks him but inadvertently shocks herself too. I think Bob will be out of there in no time at all. Does he want to finish off his mission or does he want answers and revenge of his own?

The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 ending

Lowbeer visits Lev and the gang in London’s future. The criminals are visibly shaken by the Detective’s arrival and plead to contact their lawyers. Lowbeer wants to know why Wilf was present at Daniel’s murder, is he an accomplice to the crime? Lowbeer asks for Lev’s three peripherals to be summoned as well and they are subsequently brought into the room. While Lev scrambles to make this demand a reality, Burton visits Conner in the past. The old Marine buddies banter about Conner’s independence and the good old days. Burton supplies Conner with some new legs, but he just wants to live fully immersed in the future world, after stealing a glimpse of that life in Flynne’s avatar body. London calls and the three Americans are plugged back in.

The Detective tries to summarize the technology, talking of quantum tunneling and time travel. Even the inspector finds this all rather confusing. Lev tries to explain in more detail about new timelines branching off in the past. While they chat, the peripherals spring to life and Lowbeer shakes hands with Flynne. I’m sure they have a hell of a lot to discuss.

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