Who is doing the Soundtrack for Wakanda Forever?

By Kieran Burt
Published: November 11, 2022 (Last updated: December 13, 2022)

Who is doing the Soundtrack for Wakanda Forever? Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has debuted in cinemas, and the music involved in the film is as diverse as the film it’s in. Below is a rundown of all the tracks and how it was inspired. Spoilers ahead.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been released, and it’s a fitting goodbye to Chadwick Boseman and an introduction to Namor, a complex villain inspired by the Aztec culture. The film also features geopolitical stakes, with countries of the world moving against both nations. All of this is elevated by an amazing score created by Ludwig Göransson, which will no doubt be remembered from his work on the first film and other projects like The Mandalorian.

But it isn’t just Göransson mixing the music. There are many musical names that lent their voice to songs heard throughout the film and credits, making Wakanda Forever a celebration of music just as much as it is Boseman’s life and other cultures.

What is the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tracklist?

Wakanda Forever boasts an impressive track list, with over 20 songs from various artists that have contributed to the film. Below is a list of all of the tracks released on Spotify.

  1. Born Again’
  2. ‘Lift Me Up’
  3. ‘They Want It, But No’
  4. ‘LaVida’
  5. ‘Coming Back For You’
  6. ‘Love & Loyalty (Believe)’
  7. ‘Alone’
  8. ‘No Woman No Cry’
  9. ‘Arboles Bajo El Mar’
  10. ‘Con La Brisa’
  11. ‘Interlude’
  12. ‘Laayli’ kuxa’ano’one’
  13. ‘Limoncello’
  14. ‘Anya Mmiri’
  15. ‘Wake Up’
  16. ‘Pantera’
  17. ‘Jele’
  18. ‘Inframundo’
  19. ‘No Digas Mi Nombre’
  20. ‘Mi Pueblo’
  21. ‘Namor’
  22. ‘Árboles Bajo El Mar’ – Film version
  23. ‘Con La Brisa’ – Film version
  24. ‘Yibambe’
  25. ‘T’Challa’

Who is doing the Soundtrack for Wakanda Forever?

Ludwig Göransson returns to compose the music for Wakanda Forever, but several other artists got involved with the film too. According to the Marvel website, during the film, audiences hear over 250 musicians, two orchestras, two choirs, and over 40 vocalists. Below is a list of all of the artists who have contributed music to Wakanda Forever.

  1. Rihanna
  2. Rihanna
  3. Tobe Nwigwe, Fat Nwigwe
  4. Snow Tha Product (feat. E-40)
  5. Fireboy DML
  6. DBN Gogo, Sino Msolo, Kamo Mphela, Young Stunna & Busiswa
  7. Burna Boy
  8. Tems
  9. Vivir Quintana & Mare Advertencia Lirika
  10. Foudeqush & Ludwig
  11. Stormzy
  12. Adn Maya Colectivo, Pat Boy, Yaalen K’uj & All Mayan Winik
  13. OG DAYV & Future
  14. CKay (feat. PinkPantheress)
  15. Bloody Civilian (feat. Rema)
  16. Aleman (feat. Rema)
  17. DBN Gogo, Sino Msolo, Kamo Mphela, Young Stunna & Busiswa
  18. Blue Rojo
  19. Calle x Vida & Foudeqush
  20. Guadelupe de Jesus Chan Poot
  21. Ludwig Göransson
  22. Vivir Quintana & Mare Advertencia Lirika
  23. Foudeqush & Ludwig Göransson
  24. Ludwig Göransson
  25. Ludwig Göransson

The standout here is, of course, Rihanna, who has released her first solo music in six years.

What is the music in Wakanda Forever inspired by?

Göransson and director Ryan Coogler explained why they took this less traditional approach to the film’s soundtrack, saying that it was important to “move the audience from grief to celebration” and create an “immersive journey” for the viewer.

Discussing Rihanna’s involvement in the film, Coogler explained to ScreenRant how it came about. “But the truth is, once she played us the record, she said straight up, ‘I did this for Chad[wick Boseman].’ It was him, man.” It’s likely that many of the other artists involved wanted to do something to honor Boseman.

One thing that stands out is the diversity of the artists coming from across the globe to have their music in this equally culturally diverse film. Some of the music, particularly surrounding Talokan and Namor, is inspired by the same culture that inspired Ryan Coogler’s reinterpretation of the character.

You can watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in cinemas. The tracklist is available on Spotify, and will release in vinyl form on February 3, 2023. 

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