Mythic Quest season 3, episode 3 recap – how does Jo make friends at work?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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The characters really come into their own in “Crushing It”, as the narrative allows for some bonding between cast members. It’s another amusing instalment with the ladies in particular letting loose and having some fun.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest season 3, episode 3, “Crushing It,” which contains spoilers.

Workplace comedies tend to focus on the highs and lows of the day job alongside the more personal aspects of the characters’ lives. In “Crushing It”, Mythic Quest mixes both work and pleasure for hilarious effect, as a girl’s day out turns into a pity party for Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao), Rachel (Ashly Burch), and Jo (Jessie Ennis). Meanwhile, David (David Hornsby) tries his best to upset his rival Ian (Rob McElhenney) and accidentally finds himself locked in GrimPop offices instead.

Mythic Quest season 3, episode 3 recap

David organizes an emergency meeting to brag about the latest development at the studios. The head honchos in Montreal want to make a Mythic Quest movie, with David as their executive producer. Neither Carol nor Brad are that fussed by this announcement and decide to go back to work. An intense Jo wants payback for this blatant disloyalty, but David senses another harassment complaint in the pipeline and gives her the day off instead. He asks her to pass on the good news to Ian on her way out, clearly wanting to rub the news in his enemy’s face.

At GrimPop HQ, Poppy is absolutely crushing it herself, fully immersed in a coding frenzy. She talks out loud to herself and congratulates her successes, but there is no one around to share in this celebration. Ian is off bonding with Dana. Rachel then turns up, looking for Dana, followed by Jo, who is after Ian. These three ladies decide to celebrate Poppy’s achievements with brunch, ditching their jobs and duties for the day.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but brunch is a pretty big deal nowadays. The three amigos enter a busy café and find themselves a table. They make a rather large order and start to binge on breakfast treats and booze. Poppy and Rachel boast about their amazing lives. Poppy stresses how she is evidently succeeding at work and how she very much doesn’t need Ian’s approval, while Rachel is a hit at school and making plenty of friends in her downtime. Jo struggles to think of a success of her own and states that someone who once bullied her just lost their home, which kind of works. Poppy interrupts, stating that Jo is crushing it at the brunch, emphasis on the ‘the’ as Jo calls it.

A very suspicious Brad continues to clean the offices and sparks a conversation with Carol. He’s seen all the resumes that she has written and then binned. He asks if she wants to talk about it. Carol admits that her new job is boring and unsatisfying, she yearns to make a real difference here instead. Brad hints at real progress only coming when a decent amount of money is involved. The duo decide to raise funds to make Carol’s dreams a reality. They start to move around the other departments looking for ways to make a quick buck, but most areas are understaffed and overworked. Then their NFTs idea fails equally as fast as the other foolish proposals.

David pays Sue a visit to brag about his big news. She quickly kills the vibe, mentioning gamers’ absolute hatred of adaptations. Adding that you can’t just go and ruin their special place, which is a perfect way of putting it. Still feeling like he hasn’t properly milked his news for all its worth, David decides to pay Ian a visit in person and takes the elevator to GrimPop. Of course the place is empty and he goes to leave, but the door has disappeared, blending in with the white walls. Ian’s futuristic office is a real death trap, David is completely trapped.

Back at brunch and the girls’ initial ecstasy is rapidly deteriorating. Poppy is annoyed that Ian hasn’t texted her back yet, while a drunk Rachel confesses to the truth about school – everyone hates her and she feels stupid compared to the other students. Soon Poppy is in floods of tears too, upset that Ian is ignoring her. This hilarious montage goes from pure joy to pure self-loathing rather quickly and Jo just watches it all unfold in silent awe.

Mythic Quest season 3, episode 3 ending

Still stuck in GrimPop, David is handed his own humorous montage as he wanders the corridors and keeps himself entertained. There’s room for some awkward dancing, intense exercising and a chance for David to strip down to his underpants to highlight just how easily he can lose the plot. Dana and Ian return to find David asleep on the cold, white floor. Dana shows David the button to summon the elevator and he swiftly departs, with an embarrassing stain on his trousers.

The episode ends with Jo stealing the show. She decides it’s her turn to have some fun by taking the girls to a gun range. Poppy and Rachel fear the worst as they are handed helmets, but Jo has something truly exceptional in store for them, they are going to do some literal crushing, with the chance to ride in a tank. Rachel and Poppy whoop as they ride over numerous cars, letting out some of their pent-up rage. Jo watches from the side-line and informs Poppy that Ian has finally replied. She asks Jo to just throw the phone into the tank’s direction and it is soon crushed to pieces. Jo smiles, having finally made some genuine friends.

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