Will there be a sequel to Spirited?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 20, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)

We discuss whether there will be a Spirited 2, a sequel to the Apple TV Plus film Spirited, and will contain spoilers. 

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones and, of course, to spread cheer. In Spirited directed by Sean Anders, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) finds someone who is unredeemable to haunt to restore their good spirit.

After many years of working with his team, he is very close to retirement and has no idea what his next move should be. One file that is brought to his attention is incredibly important to him to solve, so he takes on one final mission. This file is labelled unredeemable; his name is Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds).

This film jazzes up the classic Charles Dickens story and turns it into a modernized musical with the same sentiments as the original story. Apple TV Plus has a wonderful holiday film on its hands because of the dynamic pairing of Ferrell and Reynolds.

From the musical numbers to the emotional songs and great comedic chemistry from Ferrell and Reynolds, this is a Christmas movie for the whole family to watch. There are many important lessons in this film, and it’s important to understand that we cannot change the past, but we can alter the way we interact with others presently, so our future can be filled with an abundance of positivity and love.

This Christmas film reminds us what it means to be kind to our fellow neighbours and how important it is to recognize that people can be suffering in silence without even knowing.

Spirited 2 sequel potential release date

Apple TV Plus has a hit on its hands with this Holiday movie musical and it’s entirely possible that there could be a sequel. The production value was grand so as of now, there is no concrete date as to when it could be released. It could possibly be 2-4 years from now, but nothing is confirmed.

Spirited 2 sequel cast – who might be in it?

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Will Ferrell
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Sunita Mani
  • Tracy Morgan
  • Marlow Barkley
  • Joe Tippet
  • Patrick Page hhh

Spirited sequel plot: what could Spirited 2 be about?

The sequel could explore another unredeemable character or it could have an evil spirit trying to get into the Ghost World. At the end of this first film, Clint Briggs was working on some expansions with other religions in regard to Christmas. So there could be a bigger and better sequel with all of these different sectors having issues, or breaking down and they somehow have to fix it. There are two ways this sequel could go and it would work either way as long as Reynolds and Ferrell are back together sharing the scene. It’s entirely possible that Clint’s niece could become irredeemable and he has to help her by haunting her. There could be even more flashbacks to his time spent with his sister and her mother, which would be the emotional pull needed for the sequel.

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