What’s the new release date for Netflix’s Lookism?

November 24, 2022
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What’s the new release date for Netflix’s Lookism? We answer the question and look ahead as to what to expect from the Korean anime series.

Why was Lookism on Netflix delayed?

Lookism is a South Korean web anime that originally started its incredible run in 2014. It was rumored for a long time that it would be animated, and sure enough, it was eventually green-lit. Created by Park Tae-joon, Netflix announced the show in September 2022 at their virtual event Tudum. However, the decision to postpone the release of the show came after the terrible tragedy that occurred at the Halloween stampede incident in Seoul’s Itaewon on October 29, 2022.

The decision to cancel was done out of respect to the 156 people that died in the tragedy during the Halloween festivities, a crowd surge resulted in the deaths, and nearly 200 other people, mostly young adults, were injured. At this time, there seems to be no official reason for the devastating cataclysm, but the lack of proper policing has led to criticism of the authorities and poor planning for the event.

The crush resulted in the horrific event being the worst disaster to happen in South Korea since the collapse of a department store in 1995 that killed over 500 people and injured another 937. This made the tragedy the largest peacetime disaster in South Korean history.

What will Lookism be about?

Lookism is the story of Daniel Park Hyung Seok, who is the main character in the high school-based fantasy drama. Park is unpopular and overweight and struggles with the other students that bully and harass him. In desperation, he argues with his mother and demands that he is sent to another school.

He moves to Seoul and plans to start again, but a strange event occurs, and Park finds that he has acquired a new handsome, and muscular body. He finds that he can switch between the two bodies, and by day he uses the muscular and attractive body, while at night, he uses his own original form. As he learns how to deal with the two forms, he finds that in his new body, he becomes popular and, before long, finds himself with a modeling side-line and other opportunities that make him an influencer on social media. However, Daniel soon starts to realize that living the two lives is more difficult than he expected, and all the discrimination that he receives in his original body continues to surface.

The term “lookism” means discrimination or prejudice based on someone’s appearance, and the series will address issues such as discrimination, bullying, and identity politics. The show will be produced by Korea’s Studio Mir, and the animation style will be aiming for a Japanese anime feel. The original webtoon is currently still being published and is easy to find online if you want to take a look at the inspiration behind the highly anticipated new show.

What’s the new release date for Netflix’s Lookism?

Originally the show was due to drop on November the 4th, 2022. The decision was taken to delay the show, but Netflix has since announced that the new release date for the anime series Lookism will be December 8th, 2022.

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