Fantasy Football ending explained – do Bobby and Callie get caught?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 25, 2022

We discuss the ending of the Paramount+ film Fantasy Football which will contain spoilers.

Fantasy Football is streaming on Paramount+ that follows the journey of Bobby Coleman, an NFL player that has bounced from team to team, hoping to land on his feet. His family has been super supportive, but the movie is starting to take a toll on them. Sadly, his latest move to Atlanta results in the coach putting him on the practice squad. The star running back invites Bobby and his family to his house for a party. Unfortunately, Bobby gets embarrassed by the young kid in Madden, causing them to leave the party.

On their way home from the party, Bobby finds out that Anderson (young RB) signed a copy of Madden and gave it to his daughter. He freaks out and pulls the car over to throw the game away. However, during the back and forth between him and his daughter, lightning strikes the game and causes a massive jolt. Well, one day, Callie plays Madden while he is at practice, and Bobby has the practice of his lifetime. When he gets home, he shows off some of the plays he made during practice, and Callie realizes those were the same plays she made earlier when playing the game.

You probably read all that and were like, this movie is probably cheesy. You might be correct, but it’s the type of movie you watch with your family and have fun with. I am a MASSIVE Madden fan, and the idea of controlling someone on a real field is fun to think about. I loved this concept because it felt original in a time when nothing is original. So you can’t help but have fun with it.

The big question is, do Bobby and Callie get caught? And if they do, what happens to them or Bobby’s career? Below, I break down the ending of Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football ending explained – do Bobby and Callie get caught?

In the locker room, Anderston claims Madden and Callie helped him become good again. But, unfortunately, when he went to show them, the recording was deleted, and Anderson made a complete fool of himself in front of the team. Sadly, when Bobby stepped on the field, he went back to struggling as he had for his last few seasons by fumbling the ball.

After making up with his family, Bobby struggles in the playoff game resulting in his getting benched. Sitting in the stands, Callie realizes that she figured out the algorithm for predicting the plays for the game’s final moments. After a distraction, Callie makes it onto the field and shares with the team the plan to help them make it to the Super Bowl. Coach Evans says he might get fired if the play doesn’t work but agrees to roll it out. Of course, the wild play works, and the Saints head to the Super Bowl, making Bobby and Callie look good while the team works together.

So Bobby and Callie were never officially caught by anyone. Instead, they were able to make it all work, including winning a Super Bowl and repairing their relationship.

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