The Noel Diary ending explained – what happened to Rachel’s mom?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 25, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film The Noel Diary, which will contain spoilers. What happened to Rachel’s mom? Let’s find out.

The Christmas season brings some interesting concepts in the holiday setting, and The Noel Diary is fairly unique

When big-time author Jacob Turner (Justin Hartley) gets the call that his mother passed away, he returns to his hometown to gather her things. When he gets there, he notices that a woman is waiting outside the house across the street. The woman approaches him and asks if he knows who her mother is because she has been trying to find her before she gets married.

The diary that is in the title of the film is Rachel’s (Barrett Doss) mom’s diary and it explains how she had put her up for adoption because he got married out of wedlock. Her mom’s parents were against her raising the child, so she had to make a tough decision. Rachel never knew her mom, so now she needed to find this missing piece before getting married.

On this journey, the unlikely pair try to uncover more of Rachel’s story, as they go and ask the neighbors about what had happened all those years ago. Along the way, she helps Jacob reconcile with his own father, as she finds her biological one.

The Noel Diary ending explained – what happened to Rachel’s mom?

Towards the end of the film, Jacob and Rachel do spend a romantic evening together and she essentially cheats on her fiancé. The morning after, she writes him a letter explaining her feelings and how her fiancé does love her and she can’t leave him.

Naturally, Jacob is heartbroken and won’t take that for an answer. Jacob then goes all the way to the hospital where Noel (Rachel’s biological mother) is and tells her about his mother’s death and about her daughter Rachel.

While Rachel is at her parent’s house, Jacob and her fiancé keep calling but she doesn’t answer because she’s confused. Jacob goes to her house and begs her to take him back. They have an emotional conversation and Rachel tells him that she doesn’t love him over the phone while staring at him from the window.

Jacob then goes home right after and finds letters that his late mother had written to him but never sent him, which is truly the best gift he could receive at Christmas.

Right before he leaves his mother’s house, he sees Rachel standing under the lampost like when they first met.

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