Who was the most famous Chippendale dancer?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 25, 2022
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Who was the most famous Chippendale dancer? We delve into the dance troupe and discuss its famous members. 

The Chippendales are a male dance group that are best known for their strip tease routines. They were established in 1979 and very quickly made a name for themselves, performing for mostly female audiences that were entertained by the performances the troupe would present.

The style seems to be inspired mostly by Burlesque and Broadway, and it has to be said that the legitimization of this sort of dance was mainly due to the high profile that The Chippendale’s acquired. So popular is the show that the Chippendales are now internationally famous, performing to over 2 million people every year.

What were the names of the Chippendale dancers?

The troupe would be founded in 1975 when Indian-born Somen Steve Bannerjee would buy a failing bar in Los Angeles called “Destiny.” Changing the name of the venue and hosting ladies’ nights, it was not long before word of Chippendales spread, and Bannerjee knew he was onto something. So popular was the show that other venues would be purchased and more dancers recruited. The original lineup from the early 1980s included Roger Menache, now a fitness trainer for the elderly; Dustin, now 72 years old; Michael, who worked for The Chippendales for twenty years, and now runs a business in Arizona, and Kevin, who owns a landscaping company.

This group was pretty much the OG dancers and are still very vocal about their time with the troupe. There have been numerous documentaries made on the subject, and there is certainly a lot to talk about. If you think the story starts and ends with male strip tease artists, it might surprise you to learn about the battle for power that arose due to the incredibly lucrative nature of the business and the murder plot that would rock the business to its core.

Do Chippendale dancers still exist?

The Chippendale brand and dance troupe is still very much alive and kicking. Despite the scandals and twisted turns of events that occurred between the business partners and some of the dancers, somehow, the brand managed to survive. At the time of writing, the dance team still has a Las Vegas residency and continues to fill seats for the performances. It seems that The Chippendales holds a special place for many people in popular culture, and there are still numerous tours taking place worldwide.

Who was the most famous Chippendale dancer?

Over the years, there have been a few famous faces that have been either dancers or hosts for The Chippendales show. Some of the more famous individuals include Jake Pavelka from the reality show The Bachelor. Jake would only host the show in 2012, leaving the dancing to the professionals. Another host would be Antonio Sabàto Jr., the actor and model who would host in 2016 after a stint on Dancing With the Stars in the US. Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills 90210 and Sharknado fame would also answer the calling and be involved with the troupe in 2013. 90’s pop idol Jeff Timmons, of 98 Degrees fame would dance with The Chippendales, then decide he could do the same thing and formed his own troupe, a business decision that many others would also use. He formed Men of the Strip and set out to emulate the brand with his own version of the show.

What is Welcome to Chippendales all about?

Welcome to Chippendales is an eight-episode series that tracks the history of the popular dance troupe, focusing on the origins of the business and the man behind it.

At first, this series may sound like a light entertainment show, set in the 80s and brimming with gyrating G-strings and drunk, bored housewives, but behind the story, there is a crime drama that some will find surprising and shocking. We are introduced to Somen Steve Banerjee, played by Kumail Nanjiani, who wants to start his own business and buys a rundown L.A. bar.

With his initial ideas not getting much traction, he eventually receives an idea from club promoter Paul Snider that a male strip show might entice more females into the joint, and of course, it does. When he partners with professional choreographer Nick De Noia, things really start to take shape, and the popularity of the show continues to grow.

However, as the series moves forward, it becomes clear that there are terrible undercurrents in the side-lines, as De Noia and Banerjee start to lock horns over the way the business is moving forward, and it is not before long that events start to escalate into a deadly and final solution. The series is actually based on a book called “Deadly Dance The Chippendales Murders” and seems to pretty much stay true to most of the facts of the story.

And that’s our deep dive into who was the most famous Chippendale dancer. What are your thoughts on the dance troupe? Comment below.

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