Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 3 recap – does Denise help Chippendales thrive?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 29, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Murray Bartlett and Kumail Nanjiani make Welcome to Chippendales a can’t-miss show with an incredible performance in the best episode of the season yet.

We recap the Hulu series Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 3, “Velvetta,” which contains spoilers.

The two-episode premiere of Welcome to Chippendales had a lot to unpack. From meeting and learning about Somen (Kumail Nanjiani) to how he built specific relationships to how the Chippendales name was born. With Denise (Juliette Lewis) on board after the threat by Nick (Murray Bartlet), does her addition to the team help? Will Irene (Annaleigh Ashford) and Somen’s love affair continue? Let’s dive into episode 3.

Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 3 recap

The episode starts in Bombay, India, where we see a Somen trying to call Irene, who isn’t answering his phone calls. We see a photo on his desk that looks like the duo got married, and we also find out that he is in India for a funeral. Chippendales seems to still go strong, with the audiences going crazy over the men.

We see Somen sitting with his mother, discussing his father’s passing and how he wishes he had been there sooner. She explains that he died of a heart attack because he wouldn’t stop working. However, we realize that her mentioning this was due to him not taking over the company. Somen says that most parents would be proud of him for his accomplishments.

Back at the club, Nick is talking to Irene about the performance that just happened and how great it was. But, sadly, he is worried about how he will top that show. After some back and forth, Irene says she is going home, but Nick makes her go out on the town. Then we see Somen try to call her again, but no answer but states in his voicemail that he is going to run the LA idea by his mom in the morning.

Irene and Denise are partying together, and this is when Irene realizes Nick is gay (well, sometimes, as Denise says). Next, Denise pulls out some cocaine that Irene says she has never seen before. Irene goes deep into giving it a try, leading to her screaming while dancing, “I LOVE COCAINE.” Then, a montage of Nick and Denise having sex with two other people while Irene parties it up on the dance floor happens. Finally, the show moves back to India, where we see Somen go through some of his father’s old things. His mother comes down and sees him, and they reminisce about some memories of him. Ultimately, she turns down his offer to move to LA.

The morning after partying it up, Denise was in bed with the man she slept with, and an idea was sparked about the Chippendales, causing her to rush to Nick to go over it with him. Somen finally gets ahold of Irene, who explains the night of fun they had. Then, out of nowhere, Irene says, “I tried cocaine,” and asks if he ever tried it. Somen freaks out and wants to know the culprit, which she says was Denise, but Nick did some too.

As Somen returns to the club, he sees a new handyman (Ray) fixing things and finds out that Irene hired him full-time. Next, he walks into Chippendales to see Denise and Nick going through their routine. Irene embraces him and explains what is going on with the new number. Somen looks on with disgust and confusion. He interrupts by saying that this is disgusting. Then, he snaps, stating that he is the boss and they are all his employees. We all saw this coming, right?

Nick stormed out and said he and Denise should quit and open their own club. Denise tries to reel him in by explaining that things are going great with him, but Nick says he is tired of the spending cap and other small details. Next, we see Somen and Irene talking about the show, which she says she liked, and he confronts her about which side she is on. Irene asks what happened in India cause she knows that stuff stems from that, and he says nothing.

Back at their house, Somen is unpacking, but Irene tries to get him to open up about what happened back home. But, no matter how hard she tries to comfort him, he refutes it because he doesn’t know how to open up to her. The next day, Ray talks to Somen about how he handled his business the right way yesterday because he is the boss, and they shouldn’t push him over. Ray and Somen share quite a bonding moment here. I liked the introduction to the new character here.

Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 3 ending

During their conversation, Somen asked Ray if he took pictures, and they teamed up to take photos of their entire Chippendales crew. Well, Nick and Denise show up for class, and no one is there, and they find out they are at Steves. Funny moment where Ray says women will be “flicking their beans to these,” and Somen has NO CLUE what that means. Then, Nick and Denise show up at Somen’s house, and Nick climbs over the fence to get to his backyard.

Nick arrives, and Somen tells him they are making a calendar. Next, Nick says that a calendar is something that he should be involved in. The back and forth between this two is pure gold. The acting between Kumail and Murray makes each scene between these two characters must watch. Heck of an episode and a brilliantly done cliff hanger style ending that makes you want to tune in next week.

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