Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 2 recap – can Somen get people to the club?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 22, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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As we add more pieces to the puzzle, Welcome To Chippendales leave you wanting more.

This recap of the Hulu series Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 2, “Four Geniuses,” contains spoilers.

The two-episode premiere of Welcome to Chippendales continues after a wild ride that was episode one. We saw how Somen (Kumail Nanjiani) started the business and how he turned it into Chippendales. However, at the end of the episode, we saw Paul Snider (Dan Stevens) and Dorothy Stratten in the room with blood everywhere and a shotgun on the ground. It’s about to get really interesting from here. Let’s dive into episode 2.

Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 2 recap

A friendly little reminder that I love the little opening of the episodes, but I also loved they did a “previously on” because so many shows don’t. The episode starts with Somen listening to the news and reading the newspaper about the murder/suicide of Paul and Dorothy. Next, we see that Nick is signing some divorce papers. Then, at the table, we see a young kid next to the lawyer, who we find out is someone associated with his wife, with whom Nick had an affair.

At Chippendales, Somen overhears someone saying that “they are cowboys again,” making light of their not changing performance from them. Shortly after this, Somen calls Nick to sit down and chat with him to discuss more routines. Nick pitches the idea of a full-time choregrapher on his staff, and Somen asks him what it would take. So, Nick says he wants complete creative control, a costume budget, and every dancer fired, and Somen agrees.

Next, we see Nick training some new dancers and hires himself some new guys, including Otis, who he has a keen eye for. The first night with a new routine sees the women go WILD, especially the new guy, Otis. The ladies fight over Otis with them, kissing and grabbing all over him. Then, we meet a little lady who seems hesitant to be at the club. She tells Somen it’s not her kind of place, and he agrees that it isn’t his, either. It leads to a cute little moment between the duo.

As the night continues, the new girl that Somen has been with all night has noticed that light ice pours for the drinks causing them to use more alcohol in the drinks being poured, affecting the bottom line. In one of the funniest moments for math nerds in the history of TV, this exchange was beautiful. In the dressing room, the men count their cash which each guy is flushed with. Otis tells Nick he isn’t fond of the kissing stuff, and if it’s required, he responds, only if you want to get paid.

The following day, we see Otis arrive at a bunch of protestors outside the club. Somen is very happy because protests equal more coverage and even calls to get the local news to cover it, providing even more coverage. Otis is intrigued by Somen and his ways and wants to learn how he does them. He lays it out on the line about how he wants more than to be a dancer, but Somen turns him down. Instead of giving up, Otis asks to be around, and Irene stands up for him to get him a little gig with the books.

As the night winds down, the ladies are eager for more action, so Irene comes up with the idea of keeping the place open with men allowed into the place, which would generate a ton of money, and Somen loves the idea. Next, the duo begins to make out after coming up with the idea. The next night, men lined up around the block to meet with the ladies inside. While business is booming, Nick runs into Otis and finds out he is helping behind the scenes and does not love it.

Back at Chippendales, we have another successful night with another insane dance number. The lighting and color palette mixed with the dance routine has been brilliant on this show. Whoever worked behind the scenes deserves massive praise for their work on the show.

Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 2 ending

Nick confronts Somen about Otis, which leads to an awkward exchange between the two of them. A lady who has appeared several times throughout the episode (Juliette Lewis) has been trying to get Nick’s attention. While he orders a drink at the bar, she finally traps him into talking to her. She brags about how much she loves the place but says this could be a chain worldwide. Furthermore, Denise says she needs to work there for him.

Well, after some talking, Denise wants to SHOW Nick what she is capable of doing. So we see her head backstage, grab one of the dancers, and start changing the wardrobe a little. At this point, she rips the pants off the dancer, introducing us to the breakaway pants. Nick brings her upstairs to tell Somen that they need to hire her. However, he says no, as they aren’t bringing on any more staff. So then, Nick says, bring her on, or he walks. Irene breaks down the logistics of it all to Somen, leading to her convincing him to hire her. We get a stare-down between Nick and Somen as the episode closes.

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