The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 5 recap – will Kimberly have the surgery?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 1, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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A strong substance-filled episode that, at times, felt more like a filler than it did an actual episode.

We recap the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 5, which contains spoilers.

Last week on The Sex Lives of College Girls, two episodes moved some pivotal pieces. We had Canaan break up with Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott), Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) made the decision to sell her eggs, Bela (Amrit Kaur) and Eric started a war, and Leighton (Reneé Rapp) got into Kappa. What’s ahead for our crew? Let’s dive in.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 5 recap

The fraternity boys have been reinstated, and Bela is excited because they have to make up for the lost time. The parties’ names might not keep the boys around long, “Threesome Thursday, F*ck Me Friday, and Sit on My Face Saturday.”

Next, Kimberly says she has to take hormone injections that coach her body to make a bunch of eggs. She announces that she can’t drink, and Bela drags her because it is party week. Then, she asks one of the ladies to inject her first show, and Leighton volunteers after Whitney backs out.

The ladies are walking around on campus when Jackson is running their way, and Kimberly, who hasn’t seen him since he called her sexy, is pressured to drop a subtle call back at him as he goes by. She whistles at him and says, “big boy runs fast,” and even doubles down when he asks her to repeat it. Whitney and Bela make fun of her for it. Next, while in class, the BioChem teacher messed up Whitney and other girls’ tests when giving them their grades, and she noticed it was the only other black girl in class.

The ladies are outside the party, discussing with Whitney what went down during class. She mentions that it upset her but doesn’t want to make a commotion. Then, Bela shows off her toddler top to the door guy and lets them skip the line to get inside the party. I love Bela and her free spirit so much that Amrit Kaur is a delight in this role.

Bela sees Eric at the party, where she confronts him, but things get awkward when he has a date with him that just started at the Catullan. She goes back to her friends, and they realize that someone is a little jealous of Eric’s new girl. Then, Kimberly texts Leighton because she needs someone to give her her injection. However, when she entered the bathroom, Kimberly was in her bra and panties cause she was wearing a jumpsuit. Leighton asks her if she expects this every day from her, and Kimberly says no way, that she knows it’s party week. However, we get a montage of Leighton giving her the injections.

Back in BioChem class, Whitney has another great class, but when she and Bela go to leave, Paul calls her Maria again, which she decides to confront him over. After confronting him, Paul has a bit of a meltdown over the whole thing because he doesn’t want to come off as a racist. Next, Bela runs into Eric and Dana on the bench together and chases her off. Eric tells her he is bringing her to the party tonight, which Bela follows with, saying she has a date already. She heads over to Erin’s house and says that they will be going to the party together, and he is completely confused by the entire thing but says okay.

Leighton takes Kimberly to her surgery, and while Kimberly has freaked out the entire time, Leighton has been her rock to calm her down. At the party, Bela grabs Erin to get her to attempt to make Eric jealous. However, it didn’t go very good for her. Then, Whitney talked about what went down in class with her teacher. The ladies comfort her at the moment when she needs it most.

While at the party, Bela is in the bathroom, and Eric confronts her about what is going on with her. Bela talks about being confused about what she wants and mentions that maybe she wants to date him. So, Eric says, let’s do it, and they begin to make out. Now, Leighton is back at the dorm with Kimberly and getting her settled. Throughout the day, she’s been checking in on the Math competition that has been happening, and as Kimberly points out, she is a nerd. However, Kimberly tells her to go to the Math thing and have fun.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 5 ending

Bela announces to everyone that she has locked down Eric. Next, Canaan texts someone and is on his way to the party, but Whitney decides to bail on the party. She swears it’s cause she’s tired and has nothing to do with him coming. Next, Kimberly got sick and headed to the bathroom, but when returning to the dorm, she locked herself out. Then, of course, Jackson comes out of his room and says she can stay with him until her friends return. Finally, Kimberly caves and decides to head into his room with him.

Whitney returns to the dorm, realizes Kimberly is gone, and finds her in Jackson’s bed. She showed her appreciation for being so kind for taking care of Kimberly. Back in the classroom, Paul confronts Whitney and how he has been listening to a podcast about race relations but stops to remind him that this shouldn’t be how their relationship is.

Back at the Math competition, Leighton and the team finished second place, and the guys mentioned them finishing first place next time. Leighton snaps and says if she ever does this again, they will have to take a bunch of prep courses before so they can keep up with her. While Leighton is talking, a girl pulls up, honks her horn, and tells her to get out of the way. At this moment, Leighton might be in love.

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