Tulsa King season 1, episode 4 recap – does Dwight kill Armand?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 4, 2022 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The brass knuckles comedy gets physical as Dwight and his crew takes matters into their own hands. Stallone hits the sweet spot of frighteningly tough and deadpan funny.

We recap the Paramount + series Tulsa King season 1, episode 4, “Visitation Place,” which contains spoilers.

The last time we saw Dwight (Sylvester Stallone), he was being shot at by Armand (The Sopranos’ Max Casella) while wearing a ski mask. This leads to the question of who Armand actually is. During the pilot, we thought he might be a cop or an undercover agent. After spotting Dwight, he called him into the ATF, and now he was on the radar. Now, after attempting to murder our favorite mobster during his driver’s test, our best guess is Armand may be a mobster in witness protection.

Either way, our new favorite contender for the Chamber of Commerce Business Leadership Award for the Greater Tulsa area finds out the tiny man was the shooter. That leads us to the question, does Dwight kill Armand? The answer is no. Like a boss, he puts the man to work. The brass knuckles comedy gets physical as Dwight and his crew takes matters into their own hands. Stallone hits the sweet spot of frighteningly tough, deadpan funny and adds a scene that’s poignant.

Tulsa King season 1, episode 4 recap

Armand comes home for a quick break from the Fennario Ranch and heads home, where his family has gone grocery shopping. As Armand opens up the back of his SUV, Dwight comes up from behind and sticks a revolver in his rib cage. He walks him into his house and has the Caprice shooter at gunpoint while sitting on the cold kitchen floor. Dwight demands to know who shot him, specifically if it was Chickie. While we think Armand is playing dumb, he is actually being honest with his responses. He acted on his own because he left years prior from New York and thought Manfredi was there to kill him.

In fact, it was Armand who tried to warn Dwight that Pete had turned on him, which was the reason for his 25-year prison sentence. This is a major revelation for the series. Pete is the head of the family, and Dwight tells his son Chickie to give a kiss for him and a quarter century time for the man. So, instead of killing him, Dwight lets him live but works for him now and owes Manfredi $300 a week to start.

Meanwhile, Operation “Sell Whippets in a Parking Lot” during a weekend-long music festival goes well for Bodhi (Martin Starr) and Tyson (Jay Will). Still, they are confronted by two members of a local biker gang called the Black McAdam. Somehow, the two members don’t move a finger after Tyson tells them to take a walk. Big mistake. Why? Because Waltrip asks that existential question if they cannot protect what’s theirs, then what are they? So, Waltrip has his members turn on their own, and they two are beaten to a bloody pulp. The next day, Dwight’s crew are jumped, beaten, and have their supplies and money ripped from their hands.

So, this is where Dwight gets the band back together. Well, kind of. He gets a group of guys that don’t exactly look like The Right Stuff and make The Dirty Dozen look like sane choices. You have Dwight, Tyson, Bodhi, one of his stoner friends, Fred the Security Guard, Bad Face, and Manfredi calls in Armand to help out some added muscle. Why not Mitch (Garrett Hedlund), who Dwight won’t let come because he is on parole? No worries, though, because they also add a pinch hitter. That’s Tyson’s father, Mark (Michael Beach), who follows his son to Mitch’s to take him home. When Dwight confronts him, Mark tells the mobster that he is going with them because he is a father, and no one is allowed to touch his son. So, what’s the plan? Dwight has one.

We grow, he tells them.

As they approach the Black McAdam crew, they allow them to sell their product until lights out to take back the money and walk in on them like a wedding party from I Love You, Man. The guys hold their own, even Bodhi, who takes a bat to a few bad guys. More importantly, Armand saves Dwight from getting the back of his head beats in.

Tulsa King season 1, episode 4 ending

Manfredi gets a call from his sister, (Annabella Sciorra) that their brother Joe will die soon. On his deathbed, Dwight talks to him through facetime and says his goodbyes. Armand returns home, and his neighbor again has had his dog go to the bathroom on his lawn. He pulls off his shoe, covered in dog feces, and shoves it into his neighbor’s face. Armand then beats him with the shoe and walks back across the street.

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