Is Kashyyyk in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer?

December 8, 2022
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This article discusses whether Kashyyyk is in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer and if there are Separatists in the footage, including their remnants.

The official trailer for The Bad Batch season 2 has been released, and it shows a new look at Commander Cody under the Empire and introduces us to a heist that Hunter and the rest of his crew will be undertaking for Cid. But it also features a look at a planet very similar to Kashyyyk, along with a Trandoshan wielding a flamethrower, hinting at a return to the planet.

There are also several Separatists in the trailer, with AAT tanks and battle droids seen. The previous trailer also showed us a Droideka, another Separatist droid. This hints that we might see some Separatist remnants in the show, perhaps fighting the Empire.

Is Kashyyyk in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer?

Kashyyyk is a very important planet in Star Wars, being the homeworld of the Wookiees, including Chewbacca. Since its first appearance in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, it’s gone on to appear in Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and in countless books, videogames and comics.  And it looks as though it will appear once again in The Bad Batch season 2.

The trailer shows Hunter, Echo, Omega, and Wrecker trying to outrun crab-like creatures on an island beachfront and getting Tech to drop down and pick them out in their ship. It currently isn’t known what planet they are on, but the roots of the trees look very similar to those in Revenge of the Sith, possibly hinting that the planet they are on is Kashyyyk. In the first trailer, they look over a beach surrounded by a forest, again looking similar to Kashyyyk.

Wookiees also appear in the trailer. In the first trailer, Gungi the Wookiee Jedi made his surprising return to Star Wars, but this latest trailer makes it clearer that he’s in a factory somewhere else. But as the first trailer ends, an older-looking Wookiee is roaring against a forest background, highly likely to be on Kashyyyk.

The second trailer also gives us a glimpse of a Trandoshan wielding a flamethrower in a forest, again likely to be Kashyyyk. In Star Wars, the Trandoshans would hunt Wookiees, killing and capturing them for sport. As such, the two species fostered a strong hatred for one another, which can be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3.

The Bad Batch was supposed to go to Kashyyyk in The Clone Wars before it got cancelled. Dave Filoni has explained that the four-episode arc would have centred on Yoda and The Bad Batch fighting with Tarrful against the Trandoshans and the Separatist Alliance. The characters would ride on giant ape lizards, creatures holy to the Wookiees.

It’s possible that this arc might be adapted for The Bad Batch season 2. While Yoda wouldn’t be present, the Bad Batch might head to the planet to help fight the Trandoshans, who, at this point in time, maybe be allied with the Empire. After the Clone wars, the Empire enslaved the Wookiees. Tarrful might make an appearance, as he is still alive at this point. Having Kashyyyk feature would be a great way to show the Empire’s grip on the galaxy, as the Wookiees suffered heavily under their rule.

Are there Separatists in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer?

Throughout the trailer, Separatist droids and weaponry can be seen. Battle droids and AAT tanks can be seen in the trailer on different planets, hinting that they might play a large role in the show.

These feature in two different scenarios. First, Crosshair can be seen sniping a battle droid operating an AAT tank, the main tank the Separatists use in The Clone Wars, and the group of battle droids appear against a similar sandy background, so it’s possible that this is part of the same action scene. Crosshair remained loyal to the Empire at the end of The Bad Batch season 1, so he’s probably part of the Empire’s efforts to put down any Separatists that still keep fighting.

But two more AATs can be seen camouflaged against a forest background, possibly being operated by Trandoshans on Kashyyyk. Revenge of the Sith featured a huge battle against the Republic and Separatists on Kashyyyk, so the equipment would be left all over the planet in the aftermath. The Trandoshans allied themselves with the Separatists in The Clone Wars, so they would know how to operate these vehicles. Furthermore, they might link into Separatist remnants if they haven’t switched allegiance to the Empire.

What Separatist remnants exist in Star Wars?

The Separatists didn’t stop fighting after the Clone wars, as much as the Empire wished they did. Even after the Droid Shutdown Order, groups of battle droids found ways to ignore it, as seen in Star Wars Rebels season 3. In Star Wars Legends, the Geonosian Gizor Dellso activated a secret droid factory on Mustafar to fight the Empire until the 501st Legion destroyed it.

In Star Wars canon, the novel Catalyst explained that a lot of Separatist activity would occur in the Western Reaches of space, with the Empire getting bogged down trying to pacify the holdouts. Due to the Droid Shutdown Order, most of these Separatists would be organics.

Andor season 1, episode 8 recently mentioned that Separatist remnants are also still active. In that episode, Anto Kreegyr and his group are Separatists fighting against the Empire.

The Bad Batch season 2 trailer seems to depict Separatist remnants in a larger fashion, which would make sense as the Empire cements its grip on the galaxy and wraps up the Clone wars. These droids seem to have ignored the effects of the shutdown order or have been reprogrammed.

When does The Bad Batch season 2 come out?

The Bad Batch season 2 has had a  constantly shifting release timetable. Star Wars Insider magazine labelled it as coming out in the summer of 2022, but subsequent issues removed this release window. Disney later scheduled the show for a 2022 fall release and later pushed it back to January 2023.

The full schedule for The Bad Batch season 2 has been unveiled, showing episode release dates and names. Season two will start on January 4, 2023, and finish on March 29, 2023:

  • January 4, 2023 – Episode 201 – “Spoils of War”, and Episode 202 – “Ruins of War”
  • January 11 – Episode 203- “The Solitary Clone”
  • January 18 – Episode 204 – “Faster”
  • January 25 – Episode 205 – “Entombed”
  • February 1 – Episode 206- “Tribe”
  • February 8 – Episode 207 – “The Clone Conspiracy,” and Episode 208 – “Truth and Consequences”
  • February 15 – Episode 209 – “The Crossing”
  • February 22 – Episode 210 – “Retrieval”
  • March 1 – Episode 211 – “Metamorphosis”
  • March 8 – Episode 212 – “The Outpost”
  • March 15 – Episode 213 – “Pabu”
  • March 22 – Episode 214 – “Tipping Point”
  • March 29 – Episode 215 – “The Summit,” and Episode 216 – “Plan 99”

Do you believe that Kashyyyk is in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer? Comment below with your theories.

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