Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again ending explained – how does Nick save the exhibits at daybreak?

By Lori Meek
Published: December 9, 2022

We discuss the ending of the Disney+ film Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again which will contain spoilers.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again is the animated fourth sequel of the Night at The Museum trilogy made famous years ago by Ben Stillers. While none of the original actors reprise their roles, the film features appearances by most of the well-known museum exhibits and even revives an old villain who nearly destroyed the world in the second live-action. 

The animated movie is centered on 18-year-old Nick Daley (Joshua Bassett), who takes over from his father, Larry (voiced by Zachary Levi), as Night Guard at the Museum of Natural History. Nick already has some troubles of his own: He’s too shy to ask the girl he likes on a date and just failed his audition for the school’s jazz band. Eventually, he relents and agrees to take over his father’s job for the summer. Yet, on his very first night, Nick fails to lock the basement door, which means Kahmunrah is able to escape. The villain steals the tablet and runs to the Art Museum, where he uses a painting of ancient Egypt as a portal to travel back in time and unleash the army of jackals so he can rule the world. Nick and the museum exhibits, including Joan of Arc, Teddy Rosevelt, and Sacagawea follow Kahmunrah to ancient Egypt in an attempt to stop him before sunrise. 

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again ending explained

In the final act, Kahmunrah and his dry-humored ally Seth, the little god of chaos, make it to the Temple of Sun and unleash the army of Egyptian jackals onto the world. Nick and his team of exhibits fail to stop their old foe from using the magical tablet to unleash the army, but luckily, Nick uses his musical prowess to reverse Kahmunrah’s actions. As the army gets sucked back into the ancient mirror it came from, so do Kahmunrah and poor little Seth. 

Despite having defeated Kahmunrah, Nick and his friends realize that the sun is about to rise, and they don’t have time to make it back to the museum before all the exhibits turn to dust. Luckily, Nick still has a poster showing the museum’s door, so he decides to use it to open up a portal taking everyone home right on time. As he’s finishing up his shift, Nick gets a call from his dad who asks it went, with the young teen only alluding to the night’s adventures. 

Back at school, with his newfound confidence, Nick auditions again for the jazz band. This time, however, he gets the help of his fellow students, including his crush, Mia. He also finally gets the courage to ask Mia out, which she happily accepts. The film ends with Nick fully embracing his new job. 

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