Manifest Season 4 Episode 16 Recap – what is Zimmer’s Isolation Protocol?

By Lori Meek
Published: June 2, 2023
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Netflix series Manifest Season 4 Episode 16 - Furball - Recap


Episode 16 lays the groundwork for an imminent time jump. Zimmer washes her hands of the passengers and locks them inside the D.C.

Here is our recap of the Netflix series Manifest Season 4 Episode 16, “Furball,” which contains spoilers.

Episode 16 lays the groundwork for an imminent time jump. Zimmer (Patricia Mauceri) washes her hands off the passengers and locks them inside the D.C.

After a brief honeymoon period with Jared (J. R. Ramirez), Mick (Melissa Roxburgh) realizes how much she misses the Callings and the sense of purpose they brought her. 

Manifest Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

While the previous episode ended with the grim news about the world ending, “Furball” starts with Mick and Jared enjoying a well-deserved romantic break. They’re hiding and caring for Steve in the cabin previously owned by Grace’s brother, Tarik

Back at the D.C., poor Ben won’t stop blaming himself for losing the Callings.

Angelina isn’t having the best of times at the safehouse either. The other fugitives want her out, and none of them seem interested in listening to her nonsense. 

While Olive is visiting Ben, an earth-shattering tremor hits the D.C. Zimmer had ordered the transfer of Daly’s body to Gupta’s secret lab, but the earth opened up and swallowed it before the guards were able to leave the facility with it. 

What is Zimmer’s Isolation Protocol?

Olive is forced to sneak inside the detention center after Eden makes a run for it during the chaos. Their timing is not ideal as Zimmer starts the so-called Isolation Protocol. Meaning she’s locking all the passengers inside the D.C., removing all the staff, and isolating the building from the outside world. 

Unable to do anything to change Zimmer’s mind, Vance gives Ben the security fob to the supply storage so the detainees can eat when the facility closes down. Olive runs into Vance while she’s looking for Eden but decides to stay even if it means she’ll be trapped inside too. 

At the D.C., one of the guards decides to go back inside and massacre the remaining passengers. But with a bit of help from Eden, Ben successfully talks the man down, who offers the two Stone sisters one last chance to leave the facility. They both decide to stay with Ben. 

Eagan, the believer

At the safe house, Eagan convinces the other passengers to listen to Angelina, and the two avoid being thrown out. It turns out Eagan is now a believer in Angelina’s chosen status. 

Meanwhile, Mick’s already getting tired of playing house with Jared and her sick dad at Tarik’s old cabin; she also misses the Callings and is starting to feel hopeless without them. 

While on a jog, Mick is attacked by one of her new neighbors, who recognized her as an 828-er. Luckily, Cal and Vance show up just in time to rescue her. 

Manifest Season 4 Episode 16 Ending Explained

All the passengers left at the D.C. are beyond terrified. Ben jumps in and gives an inspirational speech, encouraging the 828-ers to start working together and building some semblance of a life there. 

Is Cal still receiving Callings?

As it turns out, Cal is the only passenger to still get Callings after Angelina short-circuited them from all the other passengers. While he and Vance were following his Calling, it led them to a van meant to be servicing the D.C. The same neighbor who attacked Michaela was planning on pouring toxic gas into the vents, murdering the passengers. 

At Tarik’s cabin, Mick theorizes the possibility of the Callings still existing, but the people can’t get them. Cal uses his sapphire superpower to get back on the plane and gets to see everyone’s callings at once. He thinks he might be able to focus and see them one by one, meaning there’s still a chance to save the lifeboat. 

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