Something from Tiffany’s ending explained – how does Ethan get his engagement ring back?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 9, 2022

We discuss the ending of the Prime Video film Something from Tiffany’s, which will contain spoilers.

Rachel (Zoey Deutch) co-owns a bakery called Dillini’s and is dating a tattoo artist named Gary (Licorice Pizza‘s Ray Nicholson). The man is a screw-up, and Rachel makes endless excuses for him. However, Rachel thinks he must be maturing because he gives her an engagement ring on Christmas day that was tucked away in a little blue box from Tiffany’s. Gary looks confused but asks Rachel to marry him, and she obliges.

Ethan (Kendrick Sampson) is a single father with a teenage daughter, Daisy. He is dating a beautiful marketing executive, Vanessa (You‘s Shay Mitchell), and they have traveled to New York City for a holiday. On Christmas morning, they exchange gifts, and Ethan gives her a tiny blue box from Tiffany’s. Vanessa opens it and squeals over the cute earrings Ethan bought her. The man looks utterly confused, and so does his daughter.

Why are these two grown men confused? Well, that’s because Gary was hit by a taxi the day before and can’t remember a damn thing. This was right outside Tiffany’s, where Ethan and Daisy bought Vanessa jewelry. When Ethan ran up to Gary, the stranger hit by the cab, he knelt, put down his bag, and called an ambulance. When Ethan left, he took Gary’s bag. Now, the little schmuck Gary is giving away Ethan’s ring (and won’t give it back).

When Ethan meets Rachel at the hospital, they hit it off, and they get together as a thank you for helping out Gary. They spend a magical night looking over the east river and talking. There is definite chemistry there. She makes breaks; he loves carbs. Ethan is a single father, and Rachel lost her mother when she was nine. A few days later, Ethan notices the ring on her finger. He tries to deal with it by asking Gary, but he won’t admit it, and Ethan doesn’t want to break Rachel’s heart.

Eventually, when Rachel goes to Tiffany’s to learn helpful tips to keep her ring clean, the saleswoman remembers the fine piece. She thinks Rachel and her fiance and his daughter Daisy will be pleased. Rachel’s eyes widen, and it all comes together for her. When he confronts Gary about it, he weasels his way out of it, saying he doesn’t want to hurt her. So, how does Ethan get his engagement ring back? Rachel gives it back to him by baking it in some bread.

However, eventually the one thing Rachel was holding her hat on with her fiance, he once drove 90 minutes to give her a bracelet she lost, was also a lie. Rachel dumps him, Vanessa breaks it off with Ethan because he wants to live in New York, and guess who gets together? The ending springs forward for a year, and Dillini’s hosts Christmas eve dinner for its loyal patrons. Rachel is helping serve. Terri and Daisy are behind the counter. And Ethan is just taking up space helping serve while everyone wears cheesy holiday sweaters.

That’s when Ethan wants to make a toast. He goes on a rant, rambling about how excellent Rachel is. As a person, a chef, and a very tough and critical editor of his new book. Rachel interrupts him with the spoken word salad and asks him what he is doing. Ethan looks at her, pauses, and says, “She’s my cornetto.” He then welcomes an acapella group to sing a song (you’ll notice it’s the same group singing outside when they shared a moment) and asks Rachel to marry him. (He does not get down on one knee, by the way).

Rachel says yes, and Get Ready by The Temptations plays them off the screen before it goes to black.

Something from Tiffany’s ending explained.

A cornetto is an Italian croissant made of eggs, butter, pastry dough, and sugar, then brushed with egg yolk on the surface to give it a beautiful brown color. The significance of Ethan referencing this was because this is Rachel’s favorite bread, as she references it in the movie. She even dressed up as it was for Halloween and says the reason the pastry is so good it is made with love.

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