A Storm for Christmas season 1 ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 16, 2022
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We recap the Netflix series A Storm for Christmas season 1, episode 6, which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

Directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, A Storm for Christmas follows a group of people at Oslo airport. Ranging from passengers to airport workers, some of the characters cannot wait to get home for Christmas, while others want to escape. However, a storm brews near the airport in a true Christmas tragedy, leaving them all stranded. The group of people has 24 hours until Christmas Day, and the series develops the characters to get an understanding of their true desires.

As we reach the end of A Storm for Christmas, there are plenty of plot points, but let’s hash out the key ones.

A Storm for Christmas season 1, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens with Oslo airport fully operational. Arthur receives a call. He’s gone viral after Ida recorded him at the airport and shared it on all social media. He’s going to sell out his tickets for his latest concert. His career appears to be saved. Meanwhile, Olav asks Diana to come with him to meet his parents; it’s a shocking proposal but very romantic.

Maria is still worried about her son, Lukas; she needs to get him an operation, but she is running out of time. Her son reassures him. It’s a sweet moment. Maria calls the father and tries to get the operation postponed; she asks for money and tells him to be generous for once. After the phone call, Maria tells Lukas that they will celebrate Christmas in Norway.

Ida speaks to her assistant, Ingvild. She asks her how long she has been writing music. Her assistant tells her she has been writing for a year since Ida came out gay. But she put the writing on hold because she wanted to help Ida due to her family’s reaction to coming out. Ida is emotional at Ingvild’s loyalty and fires her – she clearly wants her to pursue her career as she’s highly talented.

Stine is waiting for her boyfriend, but the old woman asks why she wasn’t around so close to Christmas. Eventually, she comes clean to her boyfriend and tells him she had a lover called Steven. She confesses to the affair. She admits she lied to him because she’s afraid of losing him. Stine professes her love. However, Steven ends the relationship, and Stine is heartbroken. However, there’s a reminder here for Stine – when one door closes, another one opens. She has an opportunity to start afresh. The old woman invites her inside her house.

A Storm for Christmas season 1 ending explained

Sara meets her father in the hospital. She comes clean as his daughter. The airport brought an opportunity to reunite, and now they have time to connect. They’ve been looking for each other for so long. Despite his illness, the father jokes about going for a run, adding emotion to the scene. Sara tells her father that the storm has passed. Despite the upsetting situation for her father, the series is a fond reminder that it’s never too late to reunite with loved ones.

David reveals the truth about his travel plans to Ronja; he comes to the airport every year and buys a ticket. His wife died six years ago. Knowing he’s missed his flight, Ronja books a flight for them both to go to Málaga. Ronja tells David that they both need to f**k.

On a plane, Maria and Lukas sit next to Arthur; Arthur bought them a ticket as a present.

Bobbie and Ida bump into each other at the airport bar, and there’s an instant attraction between each other. Sparks are flying.

A Storm for Christmas ends with Olav and Diana sharing a kiss. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

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