A Storm for Christmas review – a heartwarming holiday series

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)
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A Storm for Christmas will surely help melt hearts.

We review the Netflix series A Storm for Christmas season 1, which does not contain spoilers.

Christmas movies and shows are meant to either make you cry or make you smile. There’s no in-between. Any holiday story that does not do either move straight to the bottom of the pile. During a busy time of the year for streaming services, there’s pressure to present as many good stories as possible for the festive spirit. Netflix brings limited Norwegian series, A Storm for Christmas, that will surely help melt hearts.

A Storm for Christmas season 1 review and plot summary

If you’ve ever watched Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal, you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia for A Storm for Christmas.

Directed by Per-Olav Sørensenthe Christmas series follows a group of people at Oslo airport. Ranging from passengers to airport workers, some of the characters cannot wait to get home for Christmas, while others want to escape. However, in true Christmas tragedy, a storm brews near the airport, leaving them all stranded. The group of people has 24 hours until Christmas Day, and the series develops the characters to get an understanding of their true desires.

There’s nothing like a series that mixes family troubles and romance. Christmas can be the happiest time of the year or the loneliest, and this show seems to tap into the emotions that festivities can bring. Whether you are a resilient Grinch, a hopeless romantic, or a confused family member unsure how to feel about sharing a dinner table with your parents, A Storm for Christmas hits the chords with heartwarming storytelling.

The performances of the cast throughout are applaudable. They understood the assignment. A sense of community runs through the series, despite everyone being strangers. The series highlights how the holidays bring a community spirit to any age. But, at the same time, another lesson to be drawn from the show is this knowingness that we should appreciate our loved ones at any time of the year. There’s a tinge of sadness with each episode as the clock runs down.

Is A Storm for Christmas worth watching?

There’s a lot of trash that gets thrown at us over Christmas. And it’s difficult to decipher which festive content will soothe the heart or make you disconnect. However, A Storm for Christmas is a wonderful holiday addition to Netflix, proving that the streaming service can show its worth by bringing a good festive story. Grab a warm mulled wine and enjoy this short and sweet limited series with your loved ones.

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