Acapulco season 2 ending explained – what happened in the finale?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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The Acapulco season 2 finale closes one door and opens another in an emotionally charged episode that will have you grabbing for the tissues. Give us a season 3, please.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 10 (finale) recap, which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

We have arrived at the season finale of season 2 of Acapulco. The series has been incredible throughout the season of navigating the life of Maximo. Today, we find out about the big reveal of the mysterious lady he has been anxious about seeing. Also, how does Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) in the past handle finding a new job, post-breakup, and will he get back with Julia (Camila Perez)? Let’s dive in.

Acapulco season 2, episode 10 recap

The episode starts with a lady opening the gate of a closed-down place. Then, we move back to the past, where Nora and Esteban are preparing for their wedding. However, Maximo and Sara decided to go against their mother’s wishes and throw a big wedding reception for them. Finally, Don Pablo is back at the resort and welcomes pop superstar Rodolfo.

Hector is chatting with Diane telling her that he wants a demotion, which she gives him. He tries to ask for one more trip to her office, but she says no. Don Pablo arrives at Maximo’s, where Maximo is trying to get his job. We hear Don Pablo break down to see what he could do, but he would have to make sure never to work with the paparazzi ever again. Maximo promises and says he can get rid of them for good. So, they are off to meet with Diane.

In Diane’s office, Maximo brings up the idea of working with them. However, as the paparazzi enter the room, she wants to throw something at him. Don Pablo says to hear Maximo out. Diane agrees to a trial run with Maximo, saying that Rodolfo is on board.

Memo freaks out because the letters his girlfriend is writing are disappearing. The mean laundry lady (her niece) is the guilty party. She explains that she never liked Memo dating her niece and said she had to stop it. However, he reads the last letter from her, and it says she can’t do the long distance with him anymore. We find out she wasn’t hiding it from him to be mean but because he was protecting his feelings (awe).

Sara and Maximo have a moment when she mentions inviting Julia to the wedding reception. Sara gets the rest of her stuff from Julia’s house, where Julia breaks down everything about to happen. Today is Chad’s last day, and Maximo/Isabel breaking up, but Sara interrupts to remind her that she must confront the issue and talk to Maximo. Speaking of Chad, we see him saying his goodbyes to everyone. His final parting words were to not sleep with his mom. Before he enters the car, Julia mentions that he hopes all is good for him in his move to LA.

Next, Diane brings Julia to her office, where she fires her but says JUST KIDDING. She mentioned that a few shops want to carry her line and asked how fast she can ramp up production. Julia boosts the confidence to confront her final obstacle.

Things are going amazing for Maximo and his plan to have the paparazzi and the resort work together, leaving Diane impressed. She sees how it all went down and offers him his job back. Back home, Maximo and Sara struggle to make up a lavish reception for his mom and Esteban. However, a few moments later, we see the whole crew from the resort show up with plenty of supplies leaving a HUGE smile on Maximo’s face (mine too). Each person from the resort tells them what Maximo has done for them, causing him to get quite emotional. I’ve written about this show for seven weeks (I think my math adds up), and it’s been a pure joy to talk about it. It’s one of the best-written shows on television that celebrates a culture that isn’t always represented. I’m genuinely in awe of the entire team and what they have done with this series.

We head into the church, where Esteban and Nora both say “I do” and are officially married. Next, Julia hunted down Isabel to apologize to her. She told her that she hadn’t been honest about what went down with her and Maximo. Isabel tells her that she must stop caring about what others think and do what she feels. When Esteban and Nora get home, they see the massive gathering of everyone who decorated the place for an excellent post-wedding reception.

Hector tells Maximo that he quit as head pool boy, which causes him to run to Diane and Don Pablo to ask if he could have the opening. However, she lets him know that Don Pablo will be coming and going per their agreement, so someone will have to fill the shoes when he is gone and when he eventually retires. They mention that he will be the future of the resort. Diane mentions they still need a head pool boy, and of course, he said he knew just the guy (Memo).

As present-day Maximo talks about it being a time for second chances, he calls out to the younger version of himself walking up the steps. He tells him never to forget the important things in life, including his family. Follows by telling him to make better choices with the people he loves. Past Maximo says he wishes he could keep that promise but can’t change anything as he has to go through life just like he did.

Acapulco season 2 ending explained

At the party, Lupe decided to get her niece to surprise Memo. So then, Nora makes a toast delivering an emotional and heartfelt speech. She talks about second chances, finding love, and not letting fear get in the way. Then, Don Pablo says they have one more surprise for them, and it’s our favorite singing duo (Adriana and Augusto) performing along with Rodolfo. Moments later, Lupe tells Memo he has one month to propose to her niece (he freaks out).

An emotional Maximo is watching from the top when Julia arrives. She tells him that she’s learning to be honest with herself and needs to be honest with herself and says she wants to be with him. Maximo says it’s all he wished for since New Year was a second chance. The two share a kiss (while we all cry).

Now we move to the present day, and Hugo asks the million-dollar question about Maximo and Julia and how long they dated. Maximo says they dated, but secretly and that’s when things go crazy. Hugo turns the lesson Maximo was trying to teach him about facing your fears around on him to make him go see “her.” Finally, we see Maximo knock on the door, and a young woman opens the door and says, “Dad,” and Hugo says, “holy” before he can finish, Maximo puts his hand over his face, and the season ends.

I had a slight feeling that it might have been a daughter that he was scared of going to see towards the middle of the season, but it was still a bit of a shock. The season ends by tying up everything that needed to be tied up in the past (for now) and opening the door for more stories, with us finding out about his daughter and how their relationship got to where it was today. Beautiful ending.

What did you think of Acapulco season 2, episode 10, and the ending? Comment below.

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