Acapulco season 2, episode 9 recap – does Maximo bounce back after being fired?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 9, 2022 (Last updated: March 17, 2024)
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Episode 9 is a beautifully written episode that will have your emotions all over the place. Acapulco is hands down one of the year’s best shows.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 9 recap -“The Power of Love,” which contains spoilers.

Coming off the best episode of Acapulco season 2, we have so much to unpack with only two episodes left. Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) was fired, and Julia (Camila Perez) and Chad (Chord Overstreet) broke up. What is the aftermath of all of this? Let’s dive in.

Acapulco season 2, episode 9 recap

The episode begins with present-day Maximo and Memo talking about how “she” will be excited to see him. We aren’t sure which “she” they are talking about quite yet. Hugo is just as confused as us, asking who it is, Maximo says the love of his life, which still confuses us all, but Joe tells Maximo to keep telling the story.

We go back to when Maximo is working at Isabel’s family restaurant. He still has quite a bit of feeling about the resort. Then, we move to Sara talking to Julia, who tells her about her and Chad breaking off the wedding. They haven’t told many people, but Sara comforts her, but Julia says it was for the best.

After she left, there was a knock on the door, Sara thought it was Julia, but it was Roberta. She tells her about her father freaking out about finding the letters between the two. Roberta is planning on moving in with her Aunt. Sara says she will miss her but offers to let her move in with them. Sara says she isn’t sure what she has in Acapulco and says yes.

Chad and his mother are talking about him leaving, which he is dead set on. However, as she is giving a speech about being a strong independent woman, they walk into the lobby, and things hit the fan. We move to the poolside, where our favorite singing duo puts on a brilliant performance of The Isley Brother’s “Shout.” But, then, Memo has been avoiding Maximo since coming clean as the mole. Memo, Hector, and Chad are all sad by the drinking area. They are all discussing how awful things have been lately. Finally, the laundry lady sits at the bar with them and says they need the bird.

Maximo breaks down to Hugo what the bird is. It’s a bird that picks a card from a deck, and there was one legendary canary that was never wrong. She mentions it would cost 1000 pesos which the boys make Chad pay for it. At the restaurant, Maximo is on the top of his game and his relationship with Isabel. They both talk about their futures and have different ideas of what is ahead for them.

We look at what Don Pablo is up to now that he has left his job at the resort. Unfortunately, things aren’t going exactly as expected, as he is driving his son crazy. Next, Sara heads to talk to Maximo about how life is. She uses charades to tell him that Julia and Chad broke up because she told Julia she wouldn’t tell anyone. He says he is happy with Isabel, and Sara says great, gives him a big hug, and leaves.

Now, the bird has arrived and is set to break down and answer their questions. Memo first steps up to the plate and asks how he can be friends with Maximo since he isn’t the person he used to be. Next, Hector asks how he can be happy as a head pool boy. Last, Chad asks what he should do when he gets to LA. Finally, the bird leaves and they all share their answers on the paper, and each one says, “they are asking the wrong question.”

Memo meets with Isabel pops and says that he has an excellent place for a second location, but he shuts it down. Next, we see Roberta and Sara at the bus station, but they run into Esteban. He asks her not to do this to her mother, but she says she hasn’t even spoken to her. He explains that she has been crying every day since she left. However, she tells Esteban to take care of her mother and gets on the bus. Then, Esteban hurries to the pay phone, calls Nora, and tells her to get to the bus station ASAP. He puts a nail in the tire, giving Nora enough time to get to the bus station.

Isabel talks to Maximo about how her dad is turning him down and how he needs to calm down about talking about the future. She mentions that he must enjoy and appreciate the present. At the bus station, Sara tells Roberta she isn’t sure she can leave. Roberta tells her if she doesn’t get on the bus, she may never see her again. Sara agrees with that statement and decides to get on the bus.

Back at the bar, Hector talks about how he can’t move on with life the way it is but brings up “even with half of Maximo’s tips.” Memo realizes that Maximo never changed because he gave half of his tips to Hector to get Memo the job. Hector realizes he can return to being a pool boy and make more tips, but Chad is left unsure of his next move. Memo brings up he should travel the world, and Chad is now in the same boat, excited about his future.

Acapulco season 2, episode 9 ending

Nora ran to the bus station and thought she was too late, but Sara was sitting on the bench. The two of them embrace and share a great moment together. At the resort, Julia talks to Maximo, who asks her if they broke up because of him. She tells him that she ended a three-year relationship and that he is dating her friend, and needs time to herself. Julia walks up and sees the awkward moment but says it’s time for them to go.

Diane appears at Don Pablo’s door to apologize for how she treated him. She mentions that she misses her partner, giving him an open door for his return and giving him part of the company. He mentions having to think it through, but his son says he thought about it and needs to go. Moments later, Don Pablo agrees to come back.

After Isabel and Maximo get to where they are going, she tells Maximo they must break up. After she lists all the wrong between the two, including closing with “you are in love with Julia.” Maximo tells her how much she cares about her, but she knows this is the right thing to do. While walking down the street sad, Memo chases Maximo to apologize, and the duo reunites. He tells him everything that happened, and Memo tells him that he needs Memo. Upon returning home, Maximo sees that Sara has returned home. Things were bad all day, but Maximo was happy that his family was back together.

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