Acapulco season 2, episode 8 recap – what happens with Julia and Maximo?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Episode 8 of season 2 is hands down one of the best-written episodes to date of Acapulco. Enrique Arrizon is a star on the rise with his continued great work as young Maximo.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 8 recap -“Money Changes Everything,” which contains spoilers.

Last week on Acapulco, we had one of the wildest endings of the season yet. Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) and Julia (Camila Perez) laid it all out on the table, and the future of their relationships is now up in the air. So what is the aftermath of their conversation? Let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Acapulco season 2, episode 8 recap

Present-day Maximo talks about how he went through so much the night after the party. From Memo almost getting fired to the aftermath of making Hector the fall guy and Julia and Maximo admitting their feelings for each other. He breaks down Easter week as the busiest week for Acapulco, but Good Friday looked at the resort differently. Their newest investor booked the entire resort for himself throughout the weekend.

Diane announces that as long as everyone steers clear, it will be fine. At the end of the meeting, Diane says she wants Maximo in her office, where she tells him that he will be the one that takes care of Mr. Vera. Back home, Maximo’s mom is praying that she wants Sara back home, but she’s struggling with what she has done. Moments later, a knock on the door, and it is Chucho (dressed like Jesus), who starts yelling about Sara filling Roberta’s head with sicko things. He calls her a horrible mother and walks back out the door.

Back at the resort, the staff is having a good time because they get to enjoy the resort before the big arrival. Memo tells Maximo that he has figured out Hector can’t be the mole. Maximo talks him off the ledge until he doesn’t because Memo wants to find the real mole. However, he stops him in his tracks to tell him that he is the mole, shocking Memo. As Ricardo Vera arrives, Memo tells him that he must do the right thing.

The team has rolled out all their best for the arrival of Mr. Vera. Next, Julia sees that Chad’s ex is rolling out of the resort late, but before she goes, she says, “I knew when Diane asked me to come down here,” but soon stops in her tracks. Julia knows something fishy is going on. Nora is crying at the Ramo’s household because of what Cucho said to her. Esteban comes in to try to comfort her. But, instead of comforting her, he fires her up to find Cucho to tell him that Roberta is the devil child.

The plan for Maximo to impress Mr. Vera isn’t going well, so Maximo finds a way to criticize what he is eating and turn it into a good thing/bet. He tells him there is a ceviche stand around the corner, and if he likes it, he must buy the resort a coffee maker, but if he doesn’t, Maximo will pay for his lunch. This a daring move that pays off for Maximo as Mr. Vera tells him that he likes a good bet.

Next, Julia confronts Diane about what she did. Then, she begins to break down everything she tried to do to make them realize that they don’t belong together. But plan after plan, no matter how much she tried, each plan failed. Finally, Julia is stunned by her actions and walks away.

Maximo enlists a plan to get Mr. Vera out of the resort to head to the ceviche truck. Next, Memo asks Hector if it is his last day and what he wants to do. He wants to jump from the top of the hotel into the pool, so Memo says he will make it happen. Back at the ceviche truck, Mr. Vera loves the food. The duo starts to talk about Vera’s rise to the top. Mr. Vera mentions how he did everything he could to get to the top and kind of regrets it cause it’s lonely at the top. Maximo realizes he can’t let Hector take the fall for him.

Acapulco season 2, episode 8 ending

Nora after telling Jesus off, the Virgin Mary comes over to talk to her, which freaks her out. From here, it was a rewarding conversation as she spoke about her relationship with her daughter and maybe put some things in perspective. Then, Chad and Julia discuss how they both feel about their decision. We also have Memo and Hector talking about not going through jumping off the roof into the pool. Finally, Maximo comes clean to Diane about being the mole. She tells him to get his things and that he is fired.

The episode closes with Chad walking into telling Diane that they broke up. However, he also confronts her to say that he knows what she did and that he is leaving and heading to LA. Then, Maximo finds Isabel and asks if the offer for the job still stands, and she says yes.

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