Acapulco season 2, episode 7 recap – will Maximo be fired for being the rat?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 25, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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A wild rollercoaster of an episode sets up fireworks for what’s ahead in an incredible bounce-back episode of Acapulco.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 7, “Always Something There To Remind Me,” which contains spoilers.

Last week on Acapulco, we saw quite a few things go down, but more importantly, Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) dodged a big bullet by getting the dirt needed to satisfy the paparazzi for now. And we also saw Don Pablo (Damián Alcázar) resign. So what does that mean for the resort? Let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Acapulco season 2, episode 7 recap

We kick off the episode of Acapulco with our favorite singing duo performing the Spanish version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” Following this, we see Diane and Maximo questioning employees from the resort who leaked the information to the paparazzi. Each person proclaims to know nothing. Chad STORMS into the room to say he knows who it is, IT’S MEMO! Maximo looks concerned as his best friend is about to go down for something he did.

Present-day Memo and Maximo are chatting about the upcoming funeral and how he better use Hugo as a shield because people will see Maximo for the first time in a while. I love that present-day Memo’s son is past Memo. Finally, Chad presents the case of why he thinks Memo is the guy by showing Diane a video of him and the paparazzi together. Maximo delays the “firing” by saying they need to invest more investigation. Diane says they have until tonight because first thing in the morning, Memo would be fired.

Kelly arrives, and Chad says, “this is an old friend from LA.” She corrects him and says, “we dated for over two years.” Next, Kelly invites herself to the big dinner tonight. Julia is talking over the conversation with Sara while she prepares for the night. She asks a favor by keeping Kelly away from Chad all night as she doesn’t trust her. Sara mentions that Maximo and Isabel can help too, which leads to Julia asking how they are doing. She says they are doing great together. Then, Julia sees this bracelet on Sara’s wrist and gives it to Julia.

Next, we see that Esteban’s mother is about to have dinner with Lorena for the first time. His mother gives him the business and mentions that Lorena is too good for him because he is getting old (HAHA). Then, Don Pablo arrives with flowers to give to Lorena and says he is heading out of town for good tomorrow. Esteban’s mother invites him to stay for dinner.

Chad and Maximo sit down to discuss their plan to take down Memo. As it is happening, he talks about any signs of Memo showing he has any money, and Memo walks in with a brand new suit. Chad’s suspicions are already paying off. Then Hector stumbles across Kelly and tries to impress her, and it works. Already digging his grave, Memo announces drinks are on him as he finds money in the suit pockets.

Things aren’t going as planned. Kelly is being bounced back and forth between Julia and Chad. Sara is in charge of keeping her away from Chad, while Isabel is supposed to keep her from Julia. Neither are doing their job, and it causes mass chaos. Finally, Maximo tells Memo the truth, and he FREAKS OUT.

Back to the dinner, Don Pablo is the belle of the ball because he has that vibrant personality. Esteban is straight up not having a good time. Esteban pulls his mother aside to confront her about speaking up about him. While this is happening, Lorean mentions she is excited about Don Pablo’s vacation. However, he clarifies that he is leaving for good because it’s time to be with his family. Lorena is a bit heartbroken but realizes she might be making a mistake with Sara.

Maximo freaks out and tells Isabel everything about what is happening at the resort. He mentions that he usually goes to Don Pablo but quit, and Isabel says he may have the answer. Perhaps Maximo should quit too. He isn’t quite sure he can go through with it. As all of this is going on, Chad confronts Memo, who goes off the rails by denying it. After more pressure, Memo said he has many secrets, including Diane’s affair. Chad flips, and shortly after, Kelly tells Julia that her marriage sucks and, if she hasn’t any doubts, not to marry.

Acapulco season 2, episode 7 ending

Finally, Chad says I can’t believe you had sex with my mom and Hector responds, “we made love,” leading to Chad punching him. While Julia and Maximo are locked eyes, Kelly starts to kiss Memo, Chad and Hector are going at it, and Julia heads for the door. Maximo explained the bracelet on her wrist and that it was the one he had bought for her.

Lorena compliments Esteban and tells him how much she loves him. First, Kelly and Memo talk about how they both are in a relationship and bad people. Next, Sara is upset and slightly drunk, and Isabel says she’ll take her to Julia’s. Then, a light bulb goes on with Chad as he can use her relationship with Hector against her. Finally, Maximo and Julia break down their feelings for each other.

The episode comes to a close with present-day Maximo with the bracelet in hand, saying it gave them a chance to tell each other how they felt. Chad approaches Maximo and Memo as everyone leaves the party and says he knows who the rat is. It was HECTOR as he had plenty of motive.

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