Tell Me Lies: Lydia’s Connection with Lucy Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 26, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Lydia in Tell Me Lies Season 1
Lydia in Tell Me Lies Season 1 (Credit - Hulu)


Hulu’s Tell Me Lies has gripped viewers with an enticing, plot-twisting story. Following the lives of Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen (Jackson White), a couple that are very toxic to and for each other, their behavior has drastic consequences for those around them. But the Tell Me Lies ending raised an important point and raised many questions about the possible storyline for season 2, especially around Lydia, who could be Lucy’s best friend.

Lydia from Tell Me Lies – Here’s What We Know So Far

So, who is Lydia? That’s the most frustrating question coming from the finale. However, if you have kept a keen eye, you will have seen Lydia in a couple of scenes in the series. The series creators clearly had a long-term story arc in mind. It appears that Lydia is Lucy’s hometown best friend from high school. You will have seen Lydia spend time with Lucy, speaking about Stephen during the winter break. You will also see Lydia at college with Lucy.

Lydia in Tell Me Lies series

Lydia in Tell Me Lies Season 1 (Credit – Hulu)

There’s not much to know about Lydia apart from a few tidbits presented throughout season 1. She first appears in episode 1, then in episode 5, the Christmas chapter, and finally in episode 10. So, it leaves us in a frustrating mess as we all ponder who she is and what she might represent in season 2.

Lydia’s presence may provide more perspective for season 2 than we think. The fact that Lucy, Lydia, and Stephen intrinsically link in each other’s lives at certain points to an even more layered story. The toxicity between Lucy and Stephen continues to be the major force of the story.

What happened in the finale of Tell Me Lies season 1?

There were plenty of events in episode 10. But the season ends by cutting to Bree and Evan’s wedding. We rewatch the scene of Wrigley getting drunk and ruining a dessert tray. But Lucy is warned to take it easy on Wrigley as “it was his brother’s birthday yesterday.” Then, as Lucy wanders off, Stephen introduces himself. They both say hi and claim it’s good to see each other. Stephen then tells Lucy his fiance, Lydia, is excited to meet her again. Afterward, Lucy and Lydia see each other again, and the finale ends. 

That ending in itself was subtle but equally as fascinating. The focus was clearly on Lydia, Stephen’s fiance.

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