Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained – “The Bedroom of Our Friends”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 26, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 10 - "The Bedroom of Our Friends" (Credit - Hulu)




A decent finale for the show. However, it would have been much better had there been more focus on Bree and Evan’s wedding in 2015 rather than just 5 minutes. But seeing how the show ends, could it return?

Tell Me Lies episode 10 opens with the events of the first episode, and once again, we see Lucy (played by Grace Van Patten) meet her ill-fated roommate, Maisie. And we see things in a different light. Maisie texts Stephen (played by Jackson White) and tells him off for hitting on Lucy, her roommate.

Then, after Lucy rudely turns down her invitation to a party, Maisie heads to the party on her own. Once she arrives, she gets hit on by a fellow student, although she pretends to see her friends so that she can get drunk. She then calls up Stephen, and they end up making out in her car.

But when Stephen rejects the offer of going to the party, he decides to drive them home despite having had a lot to drink. As they drive, Maisie argues with Stephen for treating her like s**t and ignoring her at parties. That very argument causes Stephen to take his eyes off the road, indirectly leading to the deadly crash.

When Stephen regains consciousness, Maisie is already dead. To protect himself, he moves Maisie’s body into the driver’s seat and deletes the text messages from him on her phone.

It then cuts forward to the events after episode 9. Although some time has passed, Stephen is naturally still struggling with the consequences of being in the car when Maisie died. There’s a Hawaiian party on the way, but Stephen seems more interested in ensuring that Pippa isn’t there. He won’t when Lucy tries to get Stephen to force Wrigley to give Pippa a break. Instead, he says that the alternative would be for Lucy to get the blame. As Lucy and Stephen order their coffee, Diana bumps into them and causes quite a scene.

Diana then rubs it in even more when she gets a better grade than Stephen. She tells Stephen that if they had still been together, she would have helped him get a job. Is she finished? Not at all. She tells him how she knows he was with Lucy the night that Maisie died. (Of course, Stephen wasn’t with Lucy at all). It makes Stephen livid, and he goes to have it out with Lucy.

He warns her to stop making impulsive decisions that could affect him. In response, Lucy calls him out for leaving Maisie in the car. Stephen takes it as a threat, and he warns her that people will turn on her if they find out she’s been keeping this huge secret for months.

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 10

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 10 – “The Bedroom of Our Friends” (Credit – Hulu)

Tell Me Lies Season 1 Ending Explained

As we reach the end of episode 10, it’s time for the party, although Lucy fears she may be the “most naked” one there. When Pippa arrives, it causes friction. But Lucy isn’t happy with it, and she decides to say hi to Pippa regardless. Pippa practically accuses Stephen of writing the letter, yet as Pippa puts it, Lucy is not ready to have that conversation yet.

Later, while Lucy is still with Pippa, Stephen spends some time with Diana. She asks him whether he was happier a year ago or today. “Fu*k, everything’s a fuc*king mess,” is his response. 

After Diana offers to get Stephen a job at her father’s firm, he walks downstairs hand in hand with Diana. And he doesn’t care that it’s right in front of Lucy. Afterward, Lucy is a mess, and it’s up to Evan to console her. Lucy tells Evan to get drunk with her when he asks what he can do. But the next morning, Evan wakes up in bed with Lucy.

Tell Me Lies season 1 ends by cutting to Bree and Evan’s wedding. We rewatch the scene of Wrigley getting drunk and ruining a dessert tray. But Lucy is warned to take it easy on Wrigley as “it was his brother’s birthday yesterday.” Then, as Lucy wanders off, Stephen introduces himself. They both say hi and claim it’s good to see each other. Stephen then tells Lucy his fiance, Lydia, is excited to meet her again. After Lucy and Lydia see each other again, the show ends. 

What did you think of Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 10, and that dramatic ending? I’d love to know your thoughts! Comment below.


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