The Wilds season 2, episode 5 recap – “Day 45/16”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 5


Episode 5 is a step up, with the story far more intriguing.

This recap of Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 5, “Day 45/16,” contains spoilers.

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Much of season 2 is about the boys and what happened to the group. After four episodes, there’s context, which brings more meaning to the story. Episode 5 is a step up, with the story far more intriguing.

The Wilds season 2, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with Josh traumatized after what Seth did to him on the island. And then it flits to the present, and Leah begs Dean to give her another chance after she fluffed her opportunity with Rafael to get out the ultimate secret on the island. Gretchen is getting irritated by recent failures and is starting to think the problem with the boys may be her operative, Seth. It then shows Seth reporting back to the facility, and he raises a concern regarding Josh and his medication. Seth is the mole.

On the girls’ island, Rachel is still coming to terms with her grief. She asks Shelby for more religious help in finding God. She’s ready to move forward in her grief cycle. Shelby gives Rachel her cross, and Toni is concerned, but Shelby seems happy to help. Later on, Rachel wants a way to find closure for her dead sister by burying certain items related to Nora. The togetherness of the girls is heartwarming and well sewn together.

In the present, Bo is interviewed at the facility. Bo talks about how proud and dirty he became on the island after they killed the creature. On the island with the boys, they are happy with their food. Kirin wonders if Josh should join them to eat, but Seth tells the group they should leave them alone. Josh joins the group eventually, and he’s uncomfortable.

Running out of water, the group split up, and Kirin and Josh find spring water next to a small lake. Kirin tells Josh that Seth told him he’s the problem. Josh gets angry, stating that Seth is the problem. Kirin can see that Josh is emotional and wants to know what’s happened. In the present, Kirin is interviewed about the incidents on the island and how Josh opened up to him. However, Kirin is more interested in talking about his broken family and his father creating a new family of his own and how it crushed him.

Back on the island, Kirin has found out what Seth did to Josh. He wants to confront Seth himself, but Josh doesn’t want him to as he’s embarrassed and doesn’t think the others will believe him. Kirin agrees not to do anything but states he will protect him. They instead return with water and celebrate with the boys. Seth thanks Josh and puts his hands on him, and Kirin reacts and throws Seth to the floor.

In the present, Henry is interviewed and asks why Kirin was aggressive with Seth. Henry suggests that Seth may have deserved it. Daniel wonders how Henry felt as he was Seth’s stepbrother.

On the island with the girls, Toni wants a private conversation with Shelby. She brings up Shelby’s parents and thinks it might be hard for her to be together. Shelby assures her it isn’t hard being with her and feels the church was all lies. She wants to let go of that part of her. Shelby admits that a few nights ago, she saw a boat light out in the sea, but she froze and didn’t do anything. By the time she was clear-minded, the boat was gone. She was afraid of her life off the island. Toni comforts her.

On the island with the boys, Seth tries to explain himself — he claims that Josh walked in on him masturbating. Kirin calls bullshit and asks Josh to lift his shirt to show the red marks. The facility cannot hear the conversation because the microphones have malfunctioned.

Bo is sure that something happened to Josh; the boys are split on what to believe. Even Rafael doesn’t know what to think because drinking was involved. However, Seth’s stepbrother Henry states it’s possible Seth did this. Ivan takes it to a vote on whether to remove Seth from the group. However, Rafael cannot get behind it. Unfortunately, it’s a majority to remove, and Seth is expelled. Later in the night, Josh is apologetic for what happened, but Ivan tells him he doesn’t need to apologize, as he’s a victim. Josh explodes and states he never wants to think about it again. He doesn’t want to “own it” either and asks them not to tell anyone about what happened to him. They all promise him not to say a word.

And then, the present moves to Josh and his interrogation; Gretchen presses him and wants to know what happened to him on the island. Josh states that silence can be “very potent.”

The ending

On the island with the girls, Rachel tells Martha that she tried to get her closure, but it didn’t work. Martha opens the space, and Rachel expresses that she misses Nora. Martha tells her to have faith and that Nora will find her.

As the episode moves closer to the end, Rachel sees something out at sea. Rachel tells Martha that “Nora is here” and walks into the sea. The episode then flits to Nora, looking at live footage of her sister out in the sea at the facility. She’s told, “it’s time.”

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