The Wilds season 2, episode 6 recap – “Day 46/26”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 6


The balance between both groups is not working.

This recap of Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 6, “Day 46/26,” contains spoilers.

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I don’t know what it is about season 2, but I find myself bored. Maybe it is the generic storylines, but something does not sit right with the story. The balance between both groups is not working.

The Wilds season 2, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens up with Gretchen playing a game on her phone, and she’s enjoying herself. Daniel and Dean ask her if she wants to be in the next interview. Gretchen pours alcohol instead and raises how they need to expect their demise. In her drunken state, she is paranoid about a mutiny.

And then episode 6 flashes back to Ivan, who is hooking up with another boy called Luke. They are smitten with each other. Ivan wants to share an intimate moment between them, thinking it will help other kids in the LGBTQ community. His partner agrees but wants to give permission to upload content to social media next time. They then look at a dance video done by Kirin, and Ivan does a deep dive on the coach in the video. He sees that the coach did “blackface” on his social media in the past. Ivan spreads it around the school, and he feels good about himself. But the next day, the coach is fired and sees that Kirin is emotional about it. Ivan calls Kirin a racist sympathizer.

In the present, Daniel and Dean interview Ivan. Ivan talks about what it feels like to be in his body and skin and that his survival has been longer than on the island. He states the divisions in the boys’ group is “up for opinion” and leaves it vague for Daniel and Dean.

On the island with the girls, Shelby expresses her love for Toni and kisses her. Toni is unsure how to respond, making the situation slightly awkward. Later on, Martha finds a frustrated Toni and offers her the space to talk. Toni wonders if Shelby means what she said and if she’s worth being loved. Toni suffers from a lack of self-love. Martha tells Toni that she’s the most worthy person she knows. Later on, Toni sits down with Shelby and tells her that she’s in love with her too. This couple is adorable!

On the island with the boys, they cannot find the lighter to keep the fire going; they realize that Seth has it, and Kirin is furious. The group confronts Seth, and Kirin takes an aggressive approach until he gives it up. Even Josh gets involved in the aggression before the group leaves Seth on his own. When the group returns, they are unsure how to deal with the Seth situation. Josh gets too excitable and ends up burning himself on the fire. Rafael decides to help Seth and brings him some supplies.

Ivan tries to calm Kirin down after learning that Rafael helped out Seth, but Kirin reminds him that expulsions are his life motto. Josh tells the group that he wants Rafael expelled. Rafael leaves the group, and he’s heartbroken.

In a flashback, Ivan finds a highly intoxicated Kirin in the changing rooms. Kirin is immediately hostile towards Ivan and tells him to leave. Ivan refuses to go, and Kirin explains that the coach was a good man with a wife and children and that they looked out for him. Kirin explains further that the coach and his family were his family — it seems that this coach looked after Kirin.

Kirin gets angry, and Ivan accuses him of having “white boy rage” and continues to press him, asking him to call him specific, derogatory, and homophobic terms. Kirin gives in to the pressure and calls him a “woke f*g.” Ivan was recording him the whole time. The next day, Ivan’s boyfriend Luke does not want to be involved with him — he states he’s off to Vancouver with his family. Luke raises that he got Kirin expelled by provoking him and thinks he “kicked a kid while he was down.”

On the island with the boys, Ivan tells Kirin he wants to join the expelled to help out. Kirin wonders why he’s changed. Ivan apologizes to Kirin for what he did to him in the past. Kirin wonders if he is sorry because his boyfriend “ratted on him,” but Ivan claims his apology is genuine.

The ending

On the island with the girls, Martha is distraught and distressed after seeing animals feeding on a pregnant rabbit. Toni tries to calm her down, but Martha storms off into the woods. She’s acting extremely irrational.

Meanwhile, Leah is enjoying herself in the hot spring, and she can hear voices calling her name. A man with a suit walks out and plays the piano for her. She’s deeply hallucinating. The man reveals he is Ben Foles, her first crush — Ben tells her that she’s the only one that knows the truth about the island. Suddenly, Leah hears the girls screaming for Martha. Leah finds Martha sitting down, holding a dagger and blood all over her. She killed the animals.

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