The Wilds season 2, episode 7 recap – “Day 50/33”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2022
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Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 7


Episode 7 deepens the mystery slightly, but the plot feels stale at this point.

This recap of Amazon original series The Wilds season 2, episode 7, “Day 50/33,” contains spoilers.

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It’s surprising how we have reached the penultimate episode of season 2, but we do not feel any further forward with the story. It appears that the introduction of the boys has slowed the story’s progression.

The Wilds season 2, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens up with Toni soothing Martha after her psychotic episode on the island — she’s catatonic. Shelby offers to help out, but she’s not getting any response from Toni. The girls are unsure what to do next, and Rachel is surprisingly calm about the situation and suggests taking Martha to the hot spring. The girls are concerned that moving there will be exhausting. As they journey towards the hot sprint, they see a river which is a difficult obstacle, and Leah hallucinates again, seeing a piano.

While carrying Martha across the river, she falls into the water, causing panic as she submerges in the water. Dot manages to bring her to the surface. Eventually, they get her to the hot springs, and Toni bathes Martha. Rachel offers to take over, seeing how emotional she is getting. Toni snaps and calls Leah a “head trip” — she accuses all the others of letting down Martha and upsets a few girls.

Episode 7 shows Gretchen telling Seth that he cannot blame his behaviors on himself — she tells him it’s the wounds from his mother that have led him to his actions, and she wants to give him a second chance. Flashbacks show a younger Seth spending time with his mother at the amusement arcades. It then shows his mother leaving the family home, abandoned, and left with his father. There was a lot of pent-up anger in the younger Seth. Flashbacks flit to teenage Seth, and he helps his drunken friend Jules.

The next day, Jules talks about her excellent decision-making while drunk because she went to his place. She kisses Seth, but he tells her he can’t continue, and he freaks out. He tells her she has a lot of drama, but Jules, gets on top of him, and they hook up. We are then shown montages of their relationship filled with sex and deep intimacy. Eventually, his connection with this girl turns into obsession.

On the island with the boys, Rafael wants to know their next move in the exiled camp. And then, Bo and Scotty turn up and reveal it has been toxic at the other camp. Seth thinks they should go to the other camp, propose a truce, and end the division. Seth decides to talk to his stepbrother Henry first about the plans. He also tells him that his mother loves him. And so the peace conference begins with the other camp, and the proposal is “stronger together.”

On the island with the girls, Leah talks to the man she’s hallucinating, Ben Folds, her first crush. The man lists all the crushes she’s had. She calls herself pathetic, but the man disputes that, and Leah plays the piano with him and then swims in the sea. Leah’s mental health is worsening, and the other girls are unaware.

Shelby finds Toni and thinks she blames her for what happened to Martha because she froze when she saw a boat. She asks Toni if there’s a way back to where they were, but there’s still no response. Tearful, Shelby leaves a jumper for her and walks away. Shelby then walks into the jungle and cuts away her hair. Fatin finds her with the new hairstyle and tells Shelby that she will be “alright.” Fatin then shows Shelby what she’s been obsessing over and gives her a piece of paper. Shelby looks surprised at what she sees.

On the island with the boys, both camps merge to start their peaceful resolution, but Josh is struggling to adjust. Seth will not stop being overly enthusiastic and wants to play card games. Kirin gets annoyed at Seth and reveals to the group that he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend’s cat to get her back. Flashbacks show Seth physically hurting Jules. Henry realizes that Seth lied and hurt Jules — he calls him a monster that repeatedly hurts people. Henry asks Seth to leave. Once again, Seth is exiled.

The ending

Seth asks to be extracted, so he is picked up by a boat organized by Gretchen. He attacks the man who picks him up and takes the boat. He fears that Gretchen will be disappointed in him. Gretchen then narrates how she doesn’t give up on her children. She tells Daniel and Dean that their experiment did not fail; it was bad male behavior. She calls it a mother’s intuition.

The ending then flits to Gretchen’s son; someone tells him he got a call from his friend Leah from a retreat called Dawn of Eve.

Episode 7 deepens the mystery slightly, but the plot feels stale at this point.

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