Paradise PD Season 4 Review and Ending Explained – Thanks For The Cringy Laughs

By Romey Norton
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: March 6, 2024)
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Paradise PD Season 4 Review and Ending Explained
Paradise PD Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)


As a fan of this series, I’m sad to see it end, but it finishes its run in good time and in a true crude style. Naughty and raunchy, part four pushes all boundaries to end on a high. 

Fans will be sad to learn this is the final season of Paradise PD but will be happy to know the series goes out with a bang. First debuting in August 2018, the adult animated series has developed a reputation for being naughty, raunchy, and over the top. The series follows the chaotic day-to-day activities of small-town law enforcement, and their antics range from the weird to the outrageous. Season 4 has ten episodes, each lasting roughly twenty-four minutes, making it a perfect binge-watch for the rest of the year. 

Paradise PD Season 4 Review: Blunt Humor That Pushes the Boundaries

Paradise PD is created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, who are also known for the canceled animated sitcom Brickleberry, considered to take place in the same universe as Paradise PD. O’Guin and Black also serve as executive producers on the show, along with Marc Provissiero, Scott Greenberg, and Joel Kuwahara.

This final part features our beloved main characters from the first three seasons returning, including Police Chief Randall Crawford (Tom Kenny), Kevin Crawford (David Herman), and Fitz Fitzgerald (Cedric Yarbrough). There are some new characters to add to the chaotic drama of season four, including a cocktail-making, all-swearing baby. 

In this final series, these Paradise police officers are much more concerned with having a good time than stopping crime, with the police station being converted to the “Paradise Party Dudes” after the entire police department is fired. However, as the series continues, the ex-police officers and townspeople of Paradise must band together to save their town, again. 

We see crazy things such as giants with enormous penises and people living inside them (use your dirty imagination). There are gangsters, cat obsessions, animal rebellions, a foreskin monster, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the great Mark Zuckerberg. Pretty much every random thing you can think of is in this series. 

The blunt humor is standard throughout as it tries to push the boundaries as much as possible, with a lot more dick and sex jokes than I remember from the previous seasons.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some un-funny dirty gags that miss the mark, but if you can get through them without cringing there are some funny jokes in this series. A few seem inspired by the series Big Mouth, like the pillow and Rick, the old hormone monster. 

Is Paradise PD season 4 a good final chapter?

Paradise PD has always had a mindless zaniness which makes it charming, and its crass style of humor gives it a niche that makes it stand out from the rest of the animated series available for streaming. Whilst I have enjoyed watching Paradise PD, it’s just not Brickleberry, and my heart yearns for that series. However, I’m excited to see what Waco O’Guin and Roger Black cook up next. With that being said, Paradise PD season 4 is certainly worth watching.

Paradise PD Season 4 Ending Explained

Paradise PD Season 4 Ending Explained 

Paradise PD Season 4 Episode 10 (Credit – Netflix)

In the first episodes of season 4, we open to the town being destroyed, yet again, and while Karen goes into labor she fires the entire squad as they are useless at saving the town. Karen gives birth to a baby boy and she and Randall call him Kevin. As they already have a son called Kevin, they now refer to Kevin as “A.F.K.A.K” which stands for “A*****e formally known as Kevin”.

The baby speaks, and is as crude and rude as the rest of the characters, already on bumble and making cocktails out of Karen’s breast milk. Karen is trying to make Paradise the place for Tesla’s headquarters, and of course, we see Elon Musk as a character popping in with his wisdom, and robotic sense of humor. He’s arrested by the clueless Randall who doesn’t realize who he is. 

As the episodes continue we see the team trying to live their best lives, without their previous police duties. Kevin (AFKAK) keeps trying to lose his virginity, but even his new sex doll won’t have sex with him.

After Randall arrests Elon Musk, Elon goes on a little revenge spree trying to get back at Randall, taunting him by swapping his mind with a squirrel and buying McDonald’s, and replacing the meat with real meat. When this fails, Karen tries again to make Paradise PD the place for Facebook’s headquarters and we see a very pale Mark Zuckerberg character, then followed by Jeff Bezos.

Eventually, the town is back in trouble, and the squad needs to reunite in order to save it and prove their worth. Karen sells the town to a creepy little man, who begins to collect the town’s DNA and create clones. Through the use of “Lovely Corp Products” they control the town. 

Gina Jabowski’s character makes a return (Gina was a psychotic police officer who disappeared at the end of Season 3) when AFKAK is watching porn and she is in one of the videos. He then goes on a mission to find her — Gina is with a millionaire robot, called Mr. Lovely, to everyone’s surprise.

Gina is acting like herself, which concerns AFKAK and he thinks she might be a clone. AFKAK is banned from the town after he discovers that Lovely is planning the “Eternal Reckoning” for the town.

The final episode is a jam-packed one. The gang reminisces as they believe they’re going to die that day. AFKAK has a plan to get everyone out of the city and make the city heavier by pushing it back down to earth. (The city is now hovering over the world by 38,000 ft).

Dusty has quirky singing numbers in this episode, keeping it fun and lively. They use a big, fat, giant Dusty to bring the city down to earth. Then Mr. Lovely tries to use baby Kevin to gain immortality (the reckoning).

AFKAK realizes he loves his brother and tries to save him. In a twist, it turns out Gina was undercover the whole time and turns around and fights Mr. Lovely. Whilst everyone is talking, jabbering on as they do, Mr. Lovely flies away with baby Kevin in a helicopter. Randall’s reaction to this is to dance. Then the series ends. Karen’s final line is “kill me” and then it cuts to the credits. 

The two rednecks come on and say “why would a season finale end on a cliffhanger?” and “I guess we’ll wrap this up on Farzar then?” — this I found really clever. It’s going to make me watch Farzar (again) to see the cross-over and finally see what happens to baby Kevin and the team.

Some might call this a lazy ending, but for me it’s intriguing and its cheeky ridiculousness is exactly what Paradise PD was all about. 

What did you think of Paradise PD Season 4, and the ending? Comment below.

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