Paradise PD season 3, episode 12 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 12, 2021 (Last updated: December 30, 2022)
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Paradise PD season 3, episode 12 recap - the ending explained


The third season finale pays off some of the season’s overarching subplots, but it mostly contrives new problems for a climactic feeling while ensuring that nothing is really resolved.

This recap of Paradise PD season 3, episode 12, “PARAD-ISIS”, contains spoilers, as well as a discussion of the Paradise PD Season 3 ending.

“PARAD-ISIS” picks up on the anniversary of Dobby’s heroic self-sacrifice to save the town of Paradise, and it’s easy to forget that happened since he hasn’t appeared in this season and Delbert and Robby’s island utopia of Twatamala seems to have been forgotten about — until the end of this episode, at least, but more on that when we get to it.

In the meantime, there are a few things of note here in the Season 3 finale, chief among them the rapid romance of Gina and Kevin. Since her surgery is successful and the bullet has been dislodged from her brain, she’s no longer exclusively attracted to obese men. For the first time in her life, she feels normal, and in celebration, she proposes to Kevin, who can’t believe his luck. Of course, Randall is devastated since Gina thinks that removing the bullet also removed her anger. Randall thinks his useless, soft son has now ruined his best officer, and they spend the entirety of Paradise PD season 3, episode 12 at loggerheads — not that they ever seem to get on anyway.

Elsewhere, we get the resolution of the storyline involving Bullet being the father of Fitz’s child, as well as Agent Clappers’ revenge scheme, and in fairness, this actually closes the arc off to decent effect. The mutants kidnap Junior to lure Fitz into Clappers’ trap, and it’s Clappers who drops the bombshell about his son’s parentage. But, of course, Fitz already knew, and his compassion to both bullet and the child while in Clappers’ weird mutant machine reverses all the townsfolks’ mutations, also inadvertently aiding in Karen’s restoration efforts.

The Paradise PD Season 3 ending takes its title from the fact that Dusty accidentally joins ISIS, mistakenly believing he was joining a gym, and Randall sends him undercover. He and the terrorists arrive at Kevin and Gina’s wedding right after the two of them have eloped, meaning that in order for Gina to return and save the day, Kevin has to tearfully shoot her in the head to revert her back to normal. He knows he’s sacrificing their love for the good of their friends and family, but he does it anyway, and Gina easily lays waste to this alternate version of ISIS, which is comprised of all the celebrities that the show has made fun of.

Gina, having had her life ruined, disappears just before Paradise is rebuilt and a giant monster Dobby emerges from the waters of Twatamala and starts rampaging through the town. Karen goes into labour, and when Randall’s attempts to soothe Dobby with a rendition of “Pump Up The Jam” go pear-shaped, his wife fires him. Oh, and Hopson and Fitz, and presumably a few others, get eaten by the monster Dobby. Season 4, anyone?

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