Paradise PD season 2, episode 8 recap – “Operation DD”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 5, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Paradise PD season 2, episode 8 recap - "Operation DD"


Heroic sacrifices, evil schemes, and cliffhanger endings — “Operation DD” was certainly a finale.

This recap of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 8, “Operation DD”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

With the Paradise PD having left Brickleberry to go back on the run, “Operation DD”, the finale, begins with them chasing down Thester, who claims not to be Fitz’s right-hand man but really his psychologist from Chicago. It’s time for a flashback. As Thester explains it, Fitz was a hotshot cop in the Windy City, though became obsessed with taking down the notorious Kingpin who took hostages and wanted a deep dish pizza in exchange. Fitz was unable to provide one, which resulted in the deaths of the hostages and the fracturing of his own psyche with the guilt. Since then, Fitz has been imprisoned in his own mind, his Kingpin alter-ego taking over; Thester thought that he had trapped the maniacal criminal personality, but once Fitz violently escaped from the psychiatric facility, leaving behind the message, “Love, Kingpin”, daubed in his victims’ blood, Thester realized some more close-range care was going to be necessary. “Turns out rambling psychopaths don’t make the best artists. But enough about Jim Carrey”.

Luckily Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 8 reveals just the way to help: the mind-entering device that Kevin took from Dr. Kuzniak in the previous episode. A plan is hatched, but it’ll require getting over the wall Kingpin has built around Paradise; as ever, Dusty’s fat folds hold the key. We also learn that Kingpin has been manipulating Clappers by holding his family… photo hostage — it’s the only copy. Do you know how hard it is to get a good family photo?

Once the Paradise PD get inside the town in “Operation DD”, a huge fight erupts with the “swimmigrants”, who Kingpin has weaponized by grafting hardware onto their flippers. There’s a brief payoff for the Hell subplot in a previous episode when Dusty has Gina kill him so he can fight with a possessed Hell horse. And we finally learn what Operation DD actually stands for — Operation Deep Dish. Fitz is planning to turn Paradise into a giant pizza.

Teaming up with Clappers, the team lure the Legion of Dooooom to a HR-ordered sexual harassment training course, which they realize is actually training them to harass. Like with the Harvey Weinstein gag in the first episode, we’re to believe that these are criminals with principles, and harassing women is a step too far. The show gets its #MeToo moment with the Legion breaking into a song-and-dance routine, explaining, “Bad guys don’t have to be bad at being guys.”

While this is going on, Bullet and Dusty have the task of shepherding the citizens of Paradise to the town’s limited-capacity bomb shelter. Robby and Delbert think the pizza thing is a fake news witch hunt, but Bullet has made a fake TV out of cardboard so it looks like he’s speaking from Fox News — they instantly believe him. The rest of the town has to pass a rigorous interview process which basically amounts to if they’ve ever laughed at Dusty splitting his pants — everyone has, including eventually Bullet, so the only person who ends up in the shelter is Dusty himself.

Clappers doesn’t make it through Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 8. When he sees fingerprints all over his family photo, he commits suicide. But Randall is able to capture Fitz, and Kevin enters his mind, where he has to enter Pussyland by getting a vagina off, coached through the process by Karen. Since he doesn’t understand how a clitoris works, he instead starts talking about My Hero Academia until the door becomes so dry it disintegrates.

Inside, the real Fitz is consumed by guilt. But Kevin is able to show him that the hostages who died were only Instagram influencers, and thus nothing to feel guilty about. Fitz sees the undeniable logic here and turns into a superhero, which is, of course, a composite of a load of other ripped-off comic-book heroes, and he’s able to fight off and expel the Kingpin from his mind.

Unfortunately, though, the Kingpin had a contingency plan. A rocket launches and Randall finally gives Kevin the middle name he has always craved: Pubesalad, which makes him wish he’d never asked. The only way to stop the rocket is a suicide mission — someone needs to fly the police chopper into it to knock it off course. Dobby volunteers, heroically sacrificing himself as Randall leads the crowd in chants of, “Dobby rules, Kevin sucks.” But it isn’t enough since there were two missiles. The other one hits and turns the town into pizza.

The end? Absolutely not.

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