Paradise PD season 2, episode 1 recap – “Paradise Found”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 6, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Paradise PD season 2, episode 1 (Netflix) recap - "Paradise Found"


“Paradise Found” finds Dusty in prison, Kevin a local celebrity, and the Kingpin beginning a new scheme that may or may not include noted American televangelists and Harvey Weinstein.

This recap of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 1, “Paradise Found”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous season by clicking these words.

“Paradise Found” opens with a reminder that Dusty (Dana Snyder) is in women’s prison for being the Kingpin — a fate he doesn’t entirely mind, mostly because he’s too stupid to realize he’s being abused in there. Gina (Sarah Chalke) has been trying to bust him out daily but hasn’t yet succeeded despite her weaponized horniness.

Welcome back to Paradise, then, where the gorillas in the zoo wear padlocked undies so they don’t rape anyone. Kevin (David Herman) is now a local hero after taking down Dusty, which is recounted in a stylized recap which was “animated in Japan to save money” — naturally, it’s just a Dragon Ball Z knockoff. The town’s flush with cash, and Gerald (Cedric Yarbrough), the real Kingpin, has become the richest man in town thanks to the tourism inspired by Kevin’s supposed heroics. Not that Kevin is necessarily beloved by either Fitz or Gina, both of whom, at least at the start of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 1, want him dead.

Fitz goes to see Dusty in prison, where there’s just enough time between Brooklyn Nine-Nine references for him to learn that Dusty has incriminating evidence against him — he’s too stupid to use it, obviously, but Fitz doesn’t know that. In a panic, he goes to see Mayor Karen (Grey Griffin) and proposes the perfect political stunt to secure her re-election: Dusty’s public execution on an electric couch, conducted by her personally.

Paradise PD season 2, episode 1 (Netflix) recap - "Paradise Found"

Kevin and Gina, meanwhile, hatch a plan to prove Dusty’s innocence and protect him while he’s inside. This is complicated, though, by the fact that all the footage which might exonerate him has been destroyed, and the medal Fitz gave Kevin for his services to the community has been bugged.

“Paradise Found” also sees Randall (Tom Kenny) planning his wedding to Karen, with misguided help from Bullet (Kyle Kinane), who’s on Adderall — which he recommends, obviously. Medicated Randall plans the entire wedding in 97 seconds, but he can’t get to the bridal shop because Kevin and Gina have taken the police chopper to the Apple cloud, where they encounter a backup version of Steve Jobs that, predictably, sets up a rim-jobs joke. Apple’s highest level of security is a mobile home screen door, which seems reasonable to me, and inside the archives, Fitz, dressed as Cap’n Crunch, fights with Kevin and Gina before escaping.

This is only the first of two fights with Cap’n Crunch in Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 1. While Dusty tries to adapt to prison by attacking the biggest inmate — himself — and joining a gang, Kevin and Gina tussle with the cereal mascot again and discover that this time he’s being worn by a lady who insists “a black guy did it” — though unfortunately in response to every question she’s asked.

Randall’s romantic wedding plans include staging the ceremony at the same time and in the same place as Dusty’s execution, which Karen, in both her wedding dress and executioner’s cowl, loves. Unfortunately for her, Kevin and Gina turn up with proof of Dusty’s innocence, in response to which the whole town revolts. Fitz tries to fry Dusty anyway, which doesn’t work. His legitimate businesses tank without Kevin attracting tourism to the town, so his devoted and suicidal henchman Thester has no choice but to assemble the Legion of Dooooom, with five O’s to avoid copyright — a coterie of Paradise’s most sadistic villains, which includes American televangelist Pat Robertson but not Harvey Weinstein, though he attends the meeting. Even supervillains have to draw the line somewhere.

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