Paradise PD season 2, episode 2 recap – “Big Ball Energy”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 6, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Paradise PD season 2, episode 2 recap - "Big Ball Energy"


“Big Ball Energy” features a monster cat, some ill-advised surgery, and a disastrous trip to the zoo as Fitz investigates a new meth craze sweeping Paradise.

This recap of Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 2, “Big Ball Energy”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

As part of his villainous master plan, Fitz is back on the force. Kevin has developed something of a crush on Gina after their misadventures together, but he has bigger problems — Randall announces in “Big Ball Energy” that, thanks to his actions in proving that the Paradise PD put away the wrong Kingpin, a new declaration — signed by Karen, no less — has been made so that Kevin Sucks Day is now considered an official holiday.

To make matters worse in Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 2, drugs are back in a big way. Houndstooth meth is the new drug of choice, and the FBI in the form of Special Agent Clappers (Lance Reddick) has arrived to snatch the Kingpin case away from Randall.

Kevin, meanwhile, is trying to avoid going to the zoo and masturbating at the gorillas, so he calls in a fake bomb threat that he himself is dispatched to respond to. That’s a B-plot of the episode, along with Karen’s apparent t******e fetish being discovered by Randall — she has a ball-do, a d***o but for ball freaks, and Hopson has been loaning her ball porn. Randall lacking in that department is only exacerbated by Clappers being so well-endowed that his nuts are clearly visible through his trousers.

What also begins in “Big Ball Energy” is Fitz attempting to cover his tracks and eliminate his rivals while still posing as an officer of the law; he and Dusty investigate the meth and he kills two dealers — quietly, they’re in a library — while Dusty gets wedged in a patrol car. We’ll get back to this investigation in a minute.

Paradise PD season 2, episode 2 recap - "Big Ball Energy"

First, though, Randall. Feeling wholly inadequate, he signs up for a t******e transplant, ensuring the balls of the next male who dies in Paradise will be his, but a montage of various unlucky ball-destroying accidents prove fruitless, so in his desperation, he turns to an organic black market where he steals a load of replacements. The doctor, mistaking his note to “put all the balls in his sack” as an instruction, does as he’s told — the episode title “Big Ball Energy” suddenly makes much more sense. Randall’s attempts to please Karen with his new toys result in him suffocating her so thoroughly that she goes off balls altogether; probably just as well, since a ball-off with Clappers results in the sack splitting and the testes scattering everywhere like marbles.

Bullet gets a funny and faintly horrifying side-story in Paradise PD Season 2, Episode 2, as he has failed so severely in feeding Dusty’s cats while he was in prison that they’re all dead besides one, who has eaten the others and mutated into the fearsome, cannibalistic Mr. Meowgi, who has the strength of 13 felines and the appetite of presumably more.

This plot takes a horrendous turn when Bullet tricks Mr. Meowgi into scoffing the brains of a sex-obsessed and STI-ridden street cat, which is an oddly perverted body-horror sequence that culminates in Mr. Meowgi exploding.

Fitz, meanwhile, amid more Brooklyn Nine-Nine references, tracks the Houndstooth meth back to Cop Bot and Delbert and Robby — Fitz offers Cop Bot a partnership and then tries to betray him, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan. It takes a rescue from Dusty, now stuck inside a cop car which is stuck inside an entire McDonald’s, to get Fitz out of trouble.

When Dusty finally returns home to check on his cats, he discovers them all dead, but can’t bring himself to be mad at Bullet because today’s the day for hating Kevin — and for good reason. His excursion to the zoo results in a baby being thrown into the monkey enclosure and Kevin having no choice but to distract the simians with something they’ve never seen before. You can probably guess what that is.

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