Who is Umesh Reddy from Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator?

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 17, 2022 (Last updated: January 24, 2023)
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Who is Umesh Reddy from Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator? We profile the subject of the Netflix true-crime series.

True crime fascinates the great viewing public, and nobody knows it better than Netflix. There has been an absolute assault on the schedules with tales of real-life terror prevailing in many of the major streaming services, and it seems as if there is a taste for this kind of content worldwide.

The series Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator is one such show and covers the most heinous human monsters in India and their terrible legacies. One of the subjects that the show takes on is Umesh Reddy. Known as The Beast of Bangalore, the show attempts to give some context to the nature of the terror this monster unleashed, so before we go on, this article may contain spoilers and details that some readers may find disturbing.  

Who is Umesh Reddy from Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator?

Umesh Reddy was a former policeman turned serial killer who embarked on an evil killing spree in the 1990s. He operated mainly in Karnataka but also committed his crimes in  Gujarat and Maharashtra too.

Eventually, Umesh Reddy would confess to the murder and rape of 18 women. He was convicted in nine of these cases. He did receive the death sentence for his crimes, but this was reassessed, and instead, he is currently in jail serving a thirty-year sentence.

A more disturbing element in the story is the fact that Umesh Reddy was actually captured and jailed in 1996 after the rape and murder of a sixteen-year-old girl, and managed to escape. This would happen several times, with ex-cop Reddy seemingly an expert at escaping from police custody.

Reddy would target single women and widows for his horrific attacks, and it would be in 2002 Yeshwantpur in Bengaluru where he would finally be tracked down and arrested.

Reddy would make his attacks look like robberies. In his rented accommodation after his final arrest, police would find bags of gold, jewelry, and ladies’ lingerie, that he apparently would wear.

Umesh Reddy would earn the nickname “The Ripper” after Jack the Ripper, as his attacks were disturbing and violent. Researchers have also asserted that the number of victims he claimed may have been more than officially recorded.

As well as highlighting the incredible list of errors that allowed Reddy to be captured and then escape so many times, the show also highlights huge problems in the policing system itself.

What did Umesh Reddy do?

Umesh Reddy is a monster that defies description, and his list of crimes went from stalking, breaking and entering, robbery, rape, and murder.

Is Umesh Reddy in prison?

Yes, Umesh Reddy is still in prison. After receiving a death sentence, this was reduced to a thirty-year sentence. In 2011, his case went before the Supreme Court. Here they upheld the death sentence, and it was agreed that there was no road to rehabilitation that would help Reddy.

Reddy would appeal his death sentence at every opportunity, and shockingly, in November 2022, the Supreme Court reduced the death penalty to a period of confinement of thirty years. However, a caveat was added; after his thirty years in prison, if no application of remission is entered, then he will have to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Is Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator a real story?

Yes, this true crime series is based on horrific real-life events. There was also a movie made based on this story. The film was called Umesh and was released in 2013.

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