I Am a Killer season 4 review – a chilling and compelling series

By Romey Norton
Published: December 21, 2022
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Traumatic and terrible tales from people on death row continue to intrigue and disgust viewers. Whilst it’s hard to hear, these stories are honest accounts, and I don’t see Netflix canceling anytime soon.

We review the Netflix true-crime series I Am a Killer season 4, which was released on December 21st, 2022.

The popularity of watching true-crime documentaries and series is still super high amongst audiences, each one being as gritty and harrowing as the last. While some documentaries/series can be over-exaggerated, this series feels more honest and raw. There are still many people who disagree that these convicted criminals should get a voice and a platform to share with millions. I think it’s so intriguing to try and get into the mind of a killer and what happens to them after the crime. I believe, while it’s painful, it’s cathartic for the families to share their stories and their beliefs. 

I Am a Killer season 4 review and plot summary

I Am a Killer is a true crime docuseries that first began in 2018 and surrounds interviews with convicted killers on death row or sentenced to life in prison to learn the real stories behind their crimes. The series has had huge success. I can see more in the future. There are six episodes, each with a runtime of roughly 45-50 minutes, making this the perfect, easy binge-watch. The series is produced under Sky Vision and Znak & Co.

This series is especially interesting as it’s based in the USA, where the death penalty is still legal in many states. While the series delves into the circumstances and motivations of murder, it also provides insight into the complex and controversial issues surrounding the death penalty. Interviews from family members and friends of the victims, the criminals, legal experts, and law enforcement working on the case at the time all help provide a balanced look into the pros and cons of this punishment.

The inmates are in prison with nothing to lose, sharing their stories, their experiences, and their regrets. Although it’s up to us, the audience, if we really believe them and if they deserve to be where they are now. The circumstances of each crime vary greatly, covering tales of accidental manslaughter to premeditated attacks, and there is no limit to the circumstances and motivations behind them. What this series will do is make you question your own beliefs and morals when you find yourself sympathetic towards a murderer, understanding how and why they did what they did. Hearing the family’s side is where the real emotion is, both the families of the victim and the criminal and how their lives have been affected since.

Each episode starts with a fact, such as “each year in the United States more than 8,000 people are convicted of murder — fewer than 12% are women” and “there are more than 100,000 military veterans in prison in the US”, which gives a clue to the story we will be watching. These statistics are eye-opening and scary. By the end of the season, you will have been on an emotional journey, hearing unbelievable, true stories.

Is I Am a Killer Season 4 worth watching?

In a nutshell — yes. If you’re a true crime fan, this series is one to add to your list. The way in which the series humanizes the criminals, instead of brutally portraying them as monsters, like the media does, allows us to see the social and political reasons surrounding how and why someone was able to kill another person. Regardless of your bias, you can watch this and learn something, feel something, and it can be a great talking point. With six episodes under one hour each, it’s an easy binge-watch, and I look forward to more seasons in the future. Unfortunately, there will be many more stories to be told.

What did you think of the Netflix true-crime series I Am a Killer season 4? Comment below.

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