The Fabulous season 1 ending explained – does Joseph finish his collection?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 23, 2022
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It is a happy ending, with no indication of whether it even needs a continuation.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Fabulous season 1, episode 8, “Fashion and Passion,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

As we reach the finale of The Fabulous, many of the plot points are resolved, but there’s an important event arriving, putting plenty of pressure on our characters. Let’s recap the finale.

The Fabulous season 1, episode 8 recap

The finale opens up with Madame Jang serving champagne, but the first question asked by Ji Woo-min is, “where is Joseph.” Jang tells them not to worry and that her son will pull through. Moments later, Joseph comes out with a boom box. It looks like the pains of his creativity are reaching a natural conclusion — he’s struggling to finish his Collection.

Ji-eun is told that she will be in charge of launching Earlain J, and she is in shock, but she is thankful for the trust. She is soon thrust into action, delivering a speech to her project team. She asks for their support. Woo-min is worried that she is not resting, so he checks up on her. He then reveals he’s leaving his career after this event, and he wants to start getting into street photography.

Do-young calls; he states he’s in trouble, so Woo-min meets him. But it’s a celebration. Do-young is going to be part of the Seoul Collection, and he is pumped. He wants Woo-min to be his exclusive photographer. After this celebration, Ji-eun tells Woo-min she’s proud of him for following his dream. The cuteness of this couple surfaces as they enjoy each other’s presence in the streets. They don’t want to leave each other’s side.

At a shoot, Seon-ho gets irritated by the photographer who unnecessarily criticizes other models. She sticks up for them. Gang-woo then walks in and helps her, pouring a drink over the photographer. The commotion is filmed for a documentary and the photographer panics.

Thierry arrives for Earlain J; Ji-eun breaks the news to him that Joseph will not be attending because he’s struggling with his Collection. Thierry laughs the news off, stating that Joseph is exactly like him. All Ji-eun can do is laugh and smile. Thierry then presents his Collection.

JD arrives at the afterparty and wants a photo with Thierry; there’s concern that Thierry will kick off, but then Madame Jang arrives, introducing herself as Joseph’s mother, and Thierry is ecstatic.

Afterward, Seon-ho, Woo-min, Ji-eun, and Joseph talk about their dreams and aspirations. The friends are “ride or die.” Joseph seems ready to finish his collection.

The Fabulous season 1 ending explained

The main catwalk arrives, and it is a great production. There’s emotion on the faces of our characters, but then the big moment arrives; Seon-ho comes on stage, and she looks…fabulous. It’s a grandstanding moment, and then Joseph walks on stage to applause. Woo-min snaps his photos. Joseph completed a worthy collection.

Afterward, Joseph is crying, he’s so proud of what he’s achieved. Jin-eun tells him she’s proud.

Due to the success, Jin-eun is headhunted by InFashion. She’s given a business card, and she’s overwhelmed by the affirmation. This is her world. She can do whatever she wants in it.

As we reach the end of The Fabulous, the young adults head on to the next chapter of their lives with plenty of new challenges. It is a happy ending, with no indication of whether it even needs a continuation.

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