Echo 3 Season 1 Episodes 8 and 9 Recap – What is Bambi and Prince’s Next Move?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 30, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Echo 3 Season 1 Episodes 8 and 9 Recap
Echo 3 Season 1 (Credit - Apple TV+)


A slight step back as far as the last few episodes go, but they prepared us for the war that is ahead.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 starts with us at the camp where Amber is being held. However, she is now tied up, standing with both arms tied to a pole. Of course, this is much different now that Prince/Bambi is holding Momo. Next, we see Momo return home to Tariq, and he snaps at him for what went down. Tariq says that he did whatever he could and played his cards, so they didn’t kill him. Then, Momo asks him to let the American go because she is innocent.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

We move back to Amber, who is starting to lose it a little and has flashbacks. From her childhood to her training to playing with a dog, Amber sees it all as she is tied up with being unable to do a thing. We also see the flashback of when she and Bambi were kids, and he had to shoot and kill their father. You start to feel like she is on the edge of giving up or dying.

Back at the camp, Bambi’s good friend Javy, who helped him catch that fish, has arrived. A video is played that shows Amber talking, and Prince is losing his mind because she doesn’t sound well. Next, Javy tells Prince and Bambi that they are on the verge of killing Amber.

Now, Tomas is back and wants answers from Amber. He tells her that today is Monday and Saturday is a National Holiday, the day she is going to die.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bambi/Amber’s mom Maggie shows up at the Haas building. I assume she is off to find Prince’s father to confront him. She asks for Eric, but everyone turns her away, and now she begins to make a scene. Finally, she tells Eric that things are not good for the boys and they need their help. However, Eric says he tried to warn them, but they didn’t listen. Maggie tells him he has to protect his family.

We learn that we are down to 48 hours before Amber dies. First, however, we see the man get shot, but it’s Amber starting to hallucinate. Then, Tomas gets pissed because the medicine they are using on her isn’t working.

Another flashback is where we see how Amber and Prince meet, along with the first time he meets Bambi. As they move her into another holding area, she sees Bambi (we know it’s not real) and starts to fall further into a bad place.

Mitch hands Prince patches to help get them out of the fight by representing the Colombian military. But, then, he shares some insight that this is the only way for them to make this work. I don’t know what it is yet, but Mitch is hiding something from the guys.

The crew of people arrives to lend a helping hand, and we find out Prince’s Dad sent them. Next, Bambi and Prince deliver a speech about what the mission is. Finally, they show the team the plan and everyone’s objective.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

As the episode closes, we are at a fancy dinner with Tariq, Momo, and the rest of their family. Just like any other dinner with family, it gets a little heated. After dinner, Momo and Tariq discussed what happened outside before their ride arrived.

Seconds later, massive gunfire goes off, and down goes Tariq. Prince gets a call that says it’s done, and you go tonight. Prince and Bambi discuss their next move but have a little bonding moment over their careers/lives as we prepare for war.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 9 (Credit – Apple TV+)

The episode begins with us in the jungle following Bambi/Prince and the crew setting up shop to start invading the camp. A party is happening at the site, so tons of noise makes it easier for the crew to move in. As they move through the site, you see relaxed and quiet areas, meaning every step must be silent.

The series continues to stand out in how it is written and directed. I love how this entire sequence unfolds slowly and methodically. As we watch, we know the stakes, so they carefully craft every precise moment that leaves us on edge.

Another thing the director did was put us in the middle of the battle to make us feel like we were next to Bambi/Prince and his crew as they weed through each part of the site.

Now, the time has come as they have gotten into the cells. However, Amber isn’t there, causing Bambi and Prince to frantically call out her name. As they moved to another spot, she wasn’t there either. We hear someone on the radio tell them they still need to be careful because they can’t sound the alarm quite yet. Next, we see the ATV approach the main gate, where they will officially storm into the site.

At the gate, there is confusion about reaching some other people on the walkie-talkies. Then, we see the gate open and gunfire ensues. Of course, this fires off the alarm, meaning the war has begun. We noticed that the trained military men are too much for the people on the site. Finally, we see Graciella, who tells them to get the bazookas.

We get a little cut scene where Violetta gets the “Breaking News” notification that the Colombian Military launched a strike against Venezuela. She calls her editor to ask why he posted it because Ernesto said they (the Colombian Military) wouldn’t be involved in going after Venezuela.

Back to the war, Prince sees Graciella go across the gate and notices it is her from when they went to battle in the jungle earlier in the season. We see them halt any fire until they see where she goes because they know she knows where Amber is located. Graciella heads to a door and tells them not to let anyone through the door, or they will answer to her. Slowly but surely, the bazookas start to give the Venezuelans an advantage. Because of this, Prince and Bambi attempt to move to where they think Amber is now.

Things continue to unravel for Prince/Bambi and their crew. As the Venezuelans see they have them on the ropes, they start to throw everything they can at them to take complete control. Back with Graciella, she makes the call, and Ernesto says the photos are fake, that it’s not them. We see her list a bunch of things and say if she is wrong, to hang up, and he never hangs up.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Finally, after so much battling, Bambi has made it to Amber. Unfortunately, the room she is in is surrounded by gas, meaning that if he shoots anything, the room could blow up. We see Bambi break down the wall with a sledgehammer and wrap his arms around her. Then, Amber breaks down because she can’t believe he is real. As they get her out of the site and into a car, we see the place go up in flames. The episode comes to a close with us seeing this cold-hearted look on Amber’s face.

One of the best things about this episode was seeing Prince and Bambi struggle. The writers didn’t just let our heroes go in and take over and get the girl and go home. They had to work through every step, including losing the upper hand several times in their attempt to rescue Amber.

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