Echo 3 season 1, episode 7 recap – will Amber be let free?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 23, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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The stakes have never been higher as Echo 3 continues to provide a layered anxiety-filled ride that doesn’t stop.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Echo 3 season 1, episode 7, “Red is Positive, Black is Negative,” which contains spoilers.

Last week on Echo 3, we saw Prince (Michiel Huisman) get back involved in the efforts to save Amber (Jessica Ann Collins). He flew to Colombia with Mitch (James Udom) to get Bambi (Luke Evans) to start their mission. Shortly after, Mitch, Bambi, and Prince devise a plan to capture Momo’s (Juan Pablo Urrego) brother Tariq (Vicente Peña) to hold him hostage in exchange for Amber. Will they be able to make the swap? Let’s dive in.

Echo 3 season 1, episode 7 recap

The episode begins with Bambi arriving at where they are keeping Momo. Bambi tries to talk with Momo about the situation, but he begs him to let him go and says he has a lot of money. The impatience from Bambi is starting to get under his skin. He wants answers and for Momo to call to make this trade ASAP. Then we move to Violeta, who is at home struggling to recover from the kidnapping. Her husband is trying to check on her as she won’t relax since everything went down.

Next, we see Violeta head into the government building to talk to the President. He mentions that they are thankful that nothing happened to her, and they are glad they didn’t, as many people look up to her. She cites a story she’s been working on with the Times about the kidnapping by the Americans. However, he says he can’t talk about an active investigation. She calls her boss to question what is going on, and her boss tells her to keep digging.

While at the park, Natalie tracks down Violeta to let her know people are watching her. She mentions the story, and Natalie says it’s an interesting story and follows that with knowing Natalie is the person on their side. Next, Bambi and Amber’s mother arrive in the country. Bambi and Prince are both freaking out over her being there. Finally, he breaks down what is going on with Amber and shares an update on where they are with the swap.

How does Momo react to Tariq being taken by Bambi and Prince?

As Prince and Bambi go run some errands, they leave mom behind, who decides to do some digging of her own in the suitcases the guys have set up in the bedroom. Shortly after, she heads into the shower, and Roy is downstairs watching rugby and watching over the place. But then, BOOM goes the dynamite as an extraction team comes in to rescue Tariq. The first two in the door get taken down by Roy, but the third guy shoots him and takes him down. However, as he goes upstairs, he opens the door, sees Momo, tells him to be quiet, heads into the bathroom, and shoots at the shower, but HERE COMES MOMMA WITH A SHOTGUN blasting the bad guy into next week. Seriously wasn’t expecting that, and it might be one of my favorite moments in TV history.

A little while later, the boys get home to see that the place has been torn apart. So they slowly start surveillance of the place, knowing that if they go upstairs, they might see his mother/mother-in-law dead. Shortly after going upstairs, Bambi sees his mother sitting on the ground and asks her what happened, and she responds, “I killed a guy.” He tells her she has to go back home ASAP. So we know that Tariq isn’t playing around regarding his brother.

Ending Explained

As they begin to prepare to torture Momo, Mitch calls Tariq on the phone to say his brother wants to talk to him. He sets the phone down and leaves. Forcing Mitch and Prince to do the torturing, so they have no choice but to do it now. So, Prince breaks down how this will go to Tariq, who says he can’t do anything about Amber, and Prince calls him a liar. He says that Amber was spying for the CIA, and he can’t let her go.

Tariq told Momo, “you deserve this because you are a traitor.” So, Prince tells him not to tempt him. However, Tariq says he doesn’t care and that Amber will rot in that prison for the rest of his life. Holy s**t, what an intense moment here. It was a big chess matchup of who will break first between Prince and Tariq. Tariq truly cares about what happens to his brother, but he knows that he has to play the cards right to try to get them to stop. Bambi turns off the phone, and they both know they must go to war now.

We see Bambi text Natalie saying that he wants to meet. Bambi asks her to jam the facility while they try to rescue Amber. She states that it’s not as simple as he thinks. We know that Bambi doesn’t care, as he is on a mission to do this and is good at war. She asks, “how many Venezalua lives is he willing to trade for Amber,” and he says, “how many you got, a million?” Next, we see Prince talking to a crew about a black op about rescuing Amber. These final moments of this episode raised the stakes in a way that I didn’t know they were capable of.

I mentioned the shift turning in this show last week, and I am starting to realize that my initial thoughts were wrong. Echo 3 is improving as each week passes because we have one of the greatest chess matches being written in front of our eyes. When you think the stakes can’t get any higher, the writers say, “we got more,” and it’s ramping up for what promises to be an insane final three episodes.

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