Echo 3 season 1, episode 6 recap – will Bambi attempt to save Amber?

December 16, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Over the last two weeks, Echo 3 has gone from mediocre to a must-watch with the massive chess match the writers are playing with these characters.

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Over the last two weeks, Echo 3 has gone from mediocre to a must-watch with the massive chess match the writers are playing with these characters.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Echo 3 season 1, episode 6, “Habeas Thumpus,” which contains spoilers.

In the last episode of Echo 3, we had an Amber-focused (Jessica Ann Collins) episode where we saw her make a new friend, admit some truths about her life, and ultimately escape, only to be recaptured. Will we see Bambi (Luke Evans) finally make a move to save her? What is Prince (Michiel Huisman) up to? Is Amber’s life in even more danger? Let’s dive in.

Echo 3 season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode starts with us seeing Prince having sex with Reese. As they lay in bed, she says she wants something from him, which is a simple shot at him if he ever decides to move on. Instead, however, he says he wants his wife back. What an interesting way of showing it there. We return to Colombia, where Bambi walks the streets with a beer. Then, we see him lying in a hammock when Prince arrives to see him. He tells Bambi to get up, and he has work to attend to, but Bambi tells them he already has a plan, and his new friend at the house comes out with a shotgun.

Bambi asks Prince how long ago the firefight was, and Prince said 54 days ago. Prince tells him about their plan, but Bambi tells him he doesn’t need him, and if he does, he’ll send a smoke signal. Furthermore, he says Prince and the other guy are burning his cover. Moments later, Prince takes out a needle and stabs Bambi with it, knocking him out. Then, they take him for a ride where they handcuff him and tie him down to a bed.

As we see Bambi tied down in the bed, he starts to FREAK OUT. Mitch and Prince sit in the hotel room, play cards, and eat while Bambi screams and yells. The following day, they untied him and told him to calm down. Then, the duo starts sharing all the intel they know about where Amber is. Finally, Prince brings up the big kingpin’s brother, a DJ, and how they plan on kidnapping him with the idea of a swap and maybe even torturing him.

The stakeout goes from waiting to chasing when he leaves his yoga class. While they are on their way, an accident happens in front of them, halting any plans of the kidnapping. But, unfortunately, the mass chaos causes them to miss their window today. Mitch tells them that they need to reset and try again tomorrow. Bambi breaks down how Prince is on the run, and making further mistakes will cause it to get a lot worse. He tells him he has a big future in front of him and not to f**k it up.

Now, Bambi breaks down the plan he was trying to tell him back at the house before they drugged him. But Prince tells him they can do this with Mitch, and Bambi says he will leave it to him and Mitch, but Prince says he needs him. So now the duo moves to the soccer stadium, where the DJ has his sound check for his performance. Momo (the DJ) is told the press is ready to see him, so he gets off the stage. I love how Prince is walking around with no disguise at all, but Bambi at least has a hat on.

Things are going quite smoothly. As Mitchell prepares the drugs to capture Momo, he heads inside to give Prince and Bambi the package. Mitchell leads to the ambulance to prepare for a distraction, and the guys try to get the drug into something Momo will be drinking. A security guard starts to follow him, but Prince comes up with the idea of taking him down to take over his outfit to get in. Of course, the plan works, and now Prince is wearing a security guard and can drop something in his drink with the distraction.

Ending Explained

Moments later, Momo is off to the bathroom because the drug they gave him caused his stomach to erupt. This allows Prince and Bambi to make their move. They head inside the toilet, but the plan falls apart, and now Momo calls someone to let him know that two men are on his a*s and he needs backup asap. Momo was having sex with his girlfriend, and they took the chance to grab him and got out of dodge.

Back in Venezuela, we see Mitchell being escorted through a building. He heads in to meet with the big dog to talk about getting his help with Amber. He tells him they want her freedom, but he tells him that Amber is a criminal and can’t help them. Then, he shares how handing her back to them is not just simple. The government continues to make them look like the bad guy to the whole world. Mitchell says one call, he can change everything, puts coins and a ring on the desk, and hits him with, “I’ll pay for the call.” Mitchell leaves him with parting words, “if she isn’t released next time he comes, he will have his brother’s head in a bag.” BOOM goes the dynamite.

I’ll be honest, the first four episodes of Echo 3 were not great, but the writers are starting to find their groove, making this entire show worth checking out. Also, it was the first time I felt connected to any other character besides Amber all season.

What did you think of Echo 3, season 1, episode 6? Comment below.

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