Echo 3 season 1, episode 5 recap – how does Bambi find out about Prince?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 9, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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A very focused episode about Amber highlights Elizabeth Anweis delivering some of the best work we’ve seen in any show this year.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Echo 3 season 1, episode 5, “We Reject Your Influence,” which contains spoilers.

Last week on Echo 3, we saw that Prince (Michiel Huisman) had moved on with life after the shootout. Then, Graciella (Maria del Rosario) changes her mind about killing Amber (Jessica Ann Collins) after one of her men convinces her she is more valuable alive. Finally, Bambi (Luke Evans) realizes that maybe befriending the locals will be his best way to save Amber, and it starts to work. I am excited to see what is in store this week. So let’s dive in.

Echo 3 season 1, episode 5 recap

The episode begins with us at the facility where Amber is being held captive. We see a few cars pass by the place, including a truck with Bambi’s new fishing buddy delivering some fish. Then we see Amber walking through the camp to meet a man. He introduces himself as Tomas and says she can ask him any questions but has no clue if Bambi is alive.

The conversation between the two ensues about whether she is a CIA agent or not. She attempts to convince him that she isn’t a part of the CIA and instead has a brother and husband who can do whatever it takes to find her. But, before he leaves, Amber says she has something important to tell him and says, “f**k you.” The back-and-forth banter here was incredible. Elizabeth Anweis is single-handedly carrying this show on her back.

While inside her jail cell, we see Amber start to monitor every little thing happening at the camp. I would assume that within her job/training in the CIA, she learned about paying attention to detail and getting out of a crappy situation. Next, we see Tomas sit down to chat with a guy and tell this man that he wants to make videos of Amber and post them all over the internet. However, the man he meets doesn’t care about making videos. Instead, he wants answers on her part in this operation.

Later that day, Amber enters this room and finds a woman who seems trapped in a cell. So she starts to talk to her and find out how she can roam free around the camp and says it’s because she’s earned it. Then, we see her become free labor around the base, helping with feeding, building, and getting closer to everyone around her. It’s almost like watching her do this while Bambi is doing the same thing with the locals.

We continue to see the two become closer and closer as Amber continues to help around the base. The following morning, we see Tomas arrive, and now Amber has to wear a specific outfit. They comb her hair and put makeup on her, leading to Tomas wanting to film her. Now, Tomas breaks down his theory of why Amber really is in the country. He turns the camera on, and she makes lite of saying, “they kidnapped me because they think I’m part of the CIA.”

Tomas is tired of Amber’s games and says he will move her to the men’s prison if she doesn’t cooperate with him. Finally, she delivered the speech in the BEST moment of the series to date, WOW. However, it wasn’t what Tomas wanted, and he slammed his papers down and walked out. Back in the camp, Amber and her new friend bounce a metal tin back and forth, sharing truths about each other’s past. We hear Amber share some daring things about her life, including that she never loved Prince and believes that he will leave her there to rot.

Echo 3 season 1, episode 5 ending

That night, we see Amber head to her new friend to say it is TIME TO GO. But, sadly, her new friend isn’t going with her. After much effort, we see Amber escape from the camp. Shortly after leaving, the guards at the camp realize that she is gone. Then, while climbing rocks, she slips and falls, hitting her head and cracking it open, and she starts to bleed everywhere. Her frustration begins with her inability to make it across the rocks.

As she finally is able to get past the rock, a man with a boat lets her in, and she feels free for the first time. That’s until we see the man in the boat gunned down, leading to the recapture of Amber. We see Tomas speaking to the crew at the camp about family. Then, he confronts Amber, saying that someone has to pay for what she did. Moments later, Amber’s new friend, who is on her hands and knees, gets shot in the back of the head. We see Amber gasp as the episode comes to a close.

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