Echo 3 season 1, episode 4 recap – is Prince still alive after getting shot?

December 2, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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The writing of Echo 3 kicks it up a notch with massive twists that reels me into wanting more.

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The writing of Echo 3 kicks it up a notch with massive twists that reels me into wanting more.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Echo 3 season 1, episode 4, “Upriver,” which contains spoilers.

We had the three-episode debut of Echo 3, which had so many moving parts that ended up seeing Prince (Michiel Huisman) getting shot just as he saved Amber (Jessica Ann Collins). As we move to the series weekly, what is the fallout from the big showdown? Let’s dive in.

Echo 3 season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode begins where episode three left off, where we see the aftermath of the shooting. Prince wasn’t the only one to get taken down, as was Graciella’s girlfriend, and we see her now talking to one of her men about how it’s time to kill Amber. She wants to kill her right now and record it for everyone to see. Finally, we see the entire group move to the top of a mountain, where Graciella tells her to step off it. However, she didn’t let her go through with it and let her live.

Next, we go to the hospital, where we see Prince get out of bed and try to move, but he is in a massive amount of pain. Now in the forest, the soldiers are gathered, and the Captain tells them they must pay because they killed his men. As the group says they are leaving, Bambi says he must stay and can’t return with them. We start to see Bambi move toward the facility where Amber is being held.

At the hospital, Prince is struggling because he tells his dad that he had Amber in his arms. His dad suggests it might be time to walk away because the entire thing has become more significant than just the kidnapping with her being involved with the CIA. But, as he lays down in bed, a montage of their last few months together runs through his head, questioning what he should do next.

Back in the woods, we see Bambi dig up some dirt, bury his military gear and guns, and head into town. Bambi gets on the phone and calls Mitch to find out more details about the security where Amber’s being held. Well, Mitch lets him know there is nothing they can do right now, that he is on his own until he can figure out a way to climb the ladder. When he gets home to his husband, he lets him know that they are telling him that he has to bury Bambi and Amber and move on. His husband freaks out but explains that his hands are tied.

Bambi gets cleaned up and heads to town for a drink. As he sits at the bar and has some drinks, he opens up a little to the bartender. He tells the story about his first kill (his father) and reels in the bartender, who decides to make him a burger. Then, he throws a glass bottle at two guys sitting at the bar, and she throws him out. As he leaves, the two men follow him down the street and beat the crap out of him. The following morning, we see him in a bed, and the bartender helps him back to her place when she finds him in the street.

I was starting to wonder if this was part of Bambi’s plan, and it was. We begin to see him get closer to the locals. He goes to the river, where the local man grabs his fish and starts to talk to him. However, the man reminds him that this is his spot. So Bambi makes a deal and will give him all his fish if he gives him ten dollars. After the day of fishing, they make a deal to meet back the next morning. We get a montage of Bambi putting in the work to help him.

The ending

Now back to Eric and Prince, we see that Prince is still reeling, but Eric makes it known that there is ZERO percent that Amber will get out of where she is at. So Eric tells him it is time to move on with his life. Prince tells the group he is meeting with that he plans to run for the Senate and wants her support. I’ll be honest I didn’t see this story turning out like this. But I will say I think I like it. On the surface, he has thrown in the towel, but deep down, I see something happening.

Mitch explains to his boss how they can rescue Amber. He doesn’t say no, so Mitch is taking it in stride. Back to Prince, who is somewhat moving on? As he texts back and forth with Reese, a woman from the business meeting. He shows a picture of his stitches erupted, and she says she can come to fix them for him. One thing leads to another, and BOOM, the duo is about to have sex. Well, we thought, Prince stopped what was about to happen. After some back-and-forth banter, Reese goes down on Prince, and the episode ends.

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