Will there be a sequel to White Noise?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: December 30, 2022 (Last updated: January 5, 2023)

We discuss whether there will be a White Noise 2, a sequel to the Netflix film White Noise, and will contain spoilers. 

White Noise, directed by Noah Baumbach, is a dramatization of an American family attempting to deal with the conflicts of everyday life. Baumbach explores the themes of love, death, and the possibility of happiness in an unpredictable world. Many people can relate to the characters in the film because we are all currently living in the same situation. After going through a global trauma simultaneously, it’s hard to find the positivity to live again and find meaning in the world.

Day-to-day activities seem strenuous and have changed the way we view the world. Baumbach, in his own way, added humor to daily events to create that silver lining for his characters and the audience. It’s difficult to get through the day sometimes because it’s so repetitive and bleak, especially during the winter months. And Baumbach wanted to add humor to everything being unpredictable or something going wrong for that reason. Life isn’t perfect at all and Baumbach wanted to show that through this one family. That becomes more relatable to audiences than having a perfect fairytale on the screen to get whisked away in.

Sometimes it is better to have that form of escapism, but sometimes it’s the connectivity to characters and their stories that add that level of comfort. Many can find that to be a bleak outlook, but in the end, it makes viewers feel something.

Since this is a standalone film, there haven’t been any discussions about a sequel with Netflix. If White Noise does well on Netflix then there could be a possibility for a sequel to be made in the future.

White Noise sequel potential release date

Potentially, White Noise 2 could be released within the next two years if Noah Baumbach comes up with a strong enough story for these characters again. Like any Netflix contract, he is signed on for more than one picture along with his wife Greta Gerwig who also stars in the film.

White Noise sequel cast – who might be in it?

  • Adam Driver
  • Greta Gerwig
  • Don Cheadle
  • Madison Gaughan
  • Douglas Broadax
  • Carly Brodax
  • Jill Brodax
  • Raffey Cassidy

White Noise sequel plot: what could White Noise 2 be about?

The sequel to White Noise could be a more uplifting story about daily life and everything going right. A very optimistic film that has the anticipation of something bad happening to the characters. It would be the total opposite of what happens in this film and what is explored.

In a way, it would make for an interesting sequel to see where the characters end up in a positive world that is certain and quite predictable. Would they want to live that way in a safe environment or would they lash out?

There are many different ways to approach that level of comfort and positivity, and Noah Baumbach would be the one to make something interesting out of it.

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