Surviving Summer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

September 16, 2023
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Surviving Summer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

This article contains major spoilers for the ending of Surviving Summer Season 2 Episode 8.

After a serious slump in the middle portion, Surviving Summer Season 2 is at least able to recapture some of the first season’s spirit in its climax.

It took a while to get here, of course, but the final couple of episodes, and the finale, “Send It”, perhaps in particular, feel like the show’s sporting backdrop and interpersonal drama intermingling in an effective way.

With the Nationals looming, Team Victoria’s chances questionable, revelations about Elo and Wren running amok, and relationships more fragile than ever, Surviving Summer really comes into its own just in time to end.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Why is Elo dropped as coach?

With Summer stuck in the middle, trying to weigh up the value of being honest about Elo’s toxicity against the potential repercussions of being benched for the nationals, it’s Ari who receives the short end of the stick – and both barrels from Elo – when he struggles to perform on the water.

This prompts Summer to air the dirty laundry in Ari’s defense, repercussions be damned. As predicted, Elo does indeed try to bench her, but everyone rallies around and prevents this from happening, with Elo being dropped instead.

Does Ari break up with Wren?

This being a standard streaming YA drama, it should come as no real surprise that the turnaround of Team Victoria dovetails nicely with Ari healthily revealing how he’s feeling, getting rid of Wren, and heading back in Summer’s direction again.

This, though, is not the end of Summer’s rivalry with Wren, despite Summer’s best efforts, and it all comes to a head out on the waves.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

Who wins the competition?

It’s ultimately Team Queensland who emerges victorious, but it’s Team Victoria where the real action is.

Wren cements her position by trying to sabotage Summer during the heat, costing her points but ultimately not what turns out to be a strong performance. Team Victoria finishes in second place, but Wren remains apart from the others as they celebrate, solidifying her outsider, oppositional status.

Do Ari and Summer end up together?

The second season of Surviving Summer does indeed end with Ari and Summer as an item. Wren and Elo have left the country, which makes things easier, but destiny always wins – even if Team Victoria don’t.

You can stream Surviving Summer Season 2 Episode 8 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the ending of Surviving Summer Season 2? Let us know in the comments. 

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