Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – why does Ginny return home?

January 5, 2023 (Last updated: January 6, 2023)
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The opening episode of Season 2 leaves nothing to the imagination. Keeping a darker tone, the series reminds viewers why we love this story in the first place.

We recap the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 1, “Welcome Back, Bitches!,” which will contain major spoilers. 

It feels like a long time ago when we got our alternative remake of Gilmore Girls. Ginny and Georgia returns, and there’s plenty of drama afoot. As we learned at the end of season 1, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her brother flee to Zion’s (Nathan Mitchell) house. Let’s recap the opening episode of season 2.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Season 2 Episode 1 opens up with Ginny narrating, explaining that it used to feel like she and her mother were against the world. However, now she senses danger. She has a nightmare where her mother tries to strangle her to death. Ginny wakes up from her nightmare, and Zion checks on her. Ginny reminds herself that her mother, Georgia, murdered someone.

It’s Thanksgiving, and Marcus isn’t in a thankful mood, so he resists his family. Marcus asks Maxine if she’s talked to Ginny because she hasn’t been at school for a week, and she took his bike. Meanwhile, Paul comforts Georgia and can sense that she misses Ginny. Georgia tries to keep it cool, but then she gets angry; she cannot believe Ginny ran off. She’s also nervous about meeting Paul’s parents.

And so, Georgia heads to Paul’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving. Georgia fits right in with her quick wit and humor. She’s impressed by how warm the family is, but then Paul’s mother asks invasive questions about her children and their fathers. After dinner, Paul’s parents tell Paul that Georgia comes with baggage. They think there’s something off about her. Georgia overhears and wells up with tears as she keeps hearing his parents criticizing her. Georgia interrupts the conversation and gives them a warm, ironic farewell.

Meanwhile, Ginny spends Thanksgiving with Zion and his family. Ginny is repeatedly triggered by being with this side of the family. The family disagrees with how Georgia raised Ginny and makes their feelings known to Zion. Ginny overhears the conversation.

Georgia rings Zion furious; she tells him that she is not a “bad mom.” She’s picking a fight with him because she misses her children. He tells her to be the bigger person (and talk to Ginny). Afterward, Ginny argues with Zion about her mother. Zion insists that her mother misses her. Ginny is anxious and unable to regulate her emotions when it comes to her mother. She has a panic attack. Zion asks her to breathe through it. That was Ginny’s first panic attack. Zion tells her that her mother used to get them all the time when they were younger.

In a major breakthrough, Ginny admits to her father that she hurts herself sometimes. She shows him a lighter and explains how she burns herself. It’s an upsetting scene. It must be heartbreaking seeing your child go through this. Ginny asks Zion if she can live with him. Zion brings up her mother again, and Ginny feels dismayed that he keeps repeatedly trying to involve Georgia. She tells him that he was not there for her when he should have been. Ginny returns to town on Marcus’s bike and meets Marcus. The pair catch up awkwardly, and Ginny apologizes for how she’s acted. She asks for forgiveness.

Trying to keep up with Thanksgiving spirits, Georgia has Fry-Yay ready (they fry different foods.) It’s a tradition she has with her children. The tension between Ginny and Georgia is rife.

Why does Ginny return home?

Georgia finally gets angry at Ginny. Zion joins the conversation and explains that Ginny wants to live with him for a while. Georgia declines. Zion tries to tell Georgia that Ginny burns herself, but Ginny panics and agrees to move back in with her mother. She doesn’t want her mother to know she self-harms, so would rather return home instead.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 1 ending

As Season 2 Episode 1 ends, Marcus climbs through Ginny’s bedroom window. He looks at her intently, and they kiss. They’ve missed each other. Ginny tells Marcus that she had to leave because of her mother. Marcus comforts Ginny and tells her that she makes sense to him. Ginny asks Marcus to stay over. And then, a flashback; Georgia looks worried, so she locks the front door and dances with a young Ginny. She causes as much noise as possible as a man tries to break through the front door.

The opening episode of Season 2 leaves nothing to the imagination. Keeping a darker tone, the series reminds viewers why we love this story in the first place.

Ginny and Georgia Additional Plot points

  • Zach’s father is dying. Cynthia needs help. She heads to Joe’s cafe for some turkey to keep some normalcy for Thanksgiving.
  • Maxine is unhappy with Abby still and tells her she doesn’t want to hang out anymore.

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