Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – does Georgia confess murder to Ginny?

January 5, 2023 (Last updated: January 6, 2023)
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Season 2 Episode 3 felt in danger of passing you by, but the final act delivers, keeping viewers hooked in once again. 

We recap the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3, “What Are You Playing at, Little Girl?,” which will contain major spoilers. 

Same old, same old. Georgia (Brianne Howey) and Ginny (Antonia Gentry) are clashing at the opening of Season 2 Episode 3. Georgia is irked that Ginny was serving Paul (Scott Porter) breakfast. Ginny narrates that her entire life is a lie. She sees her mother as a cold-blooded murderer. The war continues; it’s Georgia against Ginny. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Ginny is struggling in therapy. Her therapist tells her that they need to find a way to trust each other so they can help her. The therapist gives her tools to distract herself from self-harm. She asks Ginny to call her the next time she thinks she’s going to self-harm. 

Using her mother’s credit cards, Ginny buys Austin a GameBoy as revenge for Georgia using Austin’s name to open up a credit account. Georgia is furious, and she tells Ginny that she cannot be trusted. After this argument, Ginny uses the tools to stop self-harming. And then Marcus heads over. He’s worried about Ginny. Ginny gets defensive and asks Marcus to leave. Marcus does not want the drama, and he leaves. 

After being encouraged to write a poem for therapeutic reasons by her father, Ginny gets to it. At school the next day, Marcus tries speaking to her again. Ginny apologizes, and Marcus wants her to do a poem about Christmas. It turns into a near-intimate moment, but Maxine interrupts them. 

But then Maxine bumps into Abby, who tells her that she was at the café the other day and she saw Sophie with another guy on a date. Maxine blows her off, and Abby is clearly done. She turns around and asks Ginny if she’d like to smoke weed. 

Ginny accepts her proposal, and they go to Abby’s house to smoke. The girls bond and Abby is in a strange mood, talking about “daddy issues” before bringing up Ginny’s relationship with Marcus. Ginny blushes, revealing how much she likes him. Abby expresses how Maxine is being a “raging bitch,” and Ginny agrees. The outcasts are feeling connected after being ousted. 

To make a statement, Ginny and Abby walk into school together with confidence and a strut. Maxine looks confused. However, they did skip class, so they are in trouble. When Ginny gets to work, Joe senses that she is high, but Ginny changes the conversation and asks if he’s going on another date.  At work, Ginny is asked about Hunter by Padma. Ginny gets irate about having to feel guilty about Hunter. Padma tells her she doesn’t think she’s evil. 

Cynthia is panicking because her child, Zach, has a stolen book from the Neighbourhood Club. Georgia offers to help take the book back without getting in trouble. In return, she wants something; to be part of the Neighbourhood Club. Georgia obviously planned this. 

Ginny returns home, and she tells Georgia and Paul that she’s been smoking weed and skipping school. Ginny says they are all a happy family and lists names, including “Mary,” putting Georgia into a panic attack. Georgia heads out onto the car and sobs while breathing through the panic attack. 

Ginny then meets Marcus and asks him, “what makes you a bad person?” She reveals that her mother has done the worst thing imaginable. Marcus guesses that her mother has murdered someone. Marcus asks Ginny who her mother killed, and Ginny is alarmed by how calm he is about this conversation. However, Marcus is not surprised that Georgia has killed someone. Ginny reveals that Georgia killed her stepfather. Marcus asks if her stepfather is a “good person.” Ginny tells him, “no,” so Marcus tries to brush it off. 

Finally having a weight off her chest, Ginny tries to initiate sex with Marcus, but he declines. He knows it’s not the right time. He promises not to tell anyone her secret. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 ending – does Georgia confess murder to Ginny?

Ginny joins her mother in the car and asks her mother why she murdered her stepfather. Georgia tells her she did it for her and the family. She felt like she didn’t have another option; she expresses how no one was protecting her. Georgia goes into a rant and tells Ginny that she’d kill for her – “I took all the darkness, and I ate it.” She didn’t want Ginny to be hurt by other men, including her stepfather. 

The speech delivered by Georgia says everything; she did everything for Ginny and her brother to get them to school and to provide. She did it regardless if she was deemed a good mother or not. 

Georgia asks Ginny to promise not to tell anyone. Ginny, knowing she’s already told Marcus, promises not to tell anyone. As the tagline of the series suggests, “they are in this together now.”

Season 2 Episode 3 felt in danger of passing you by, but the final act delivers, keeping viewers hooked in once again. 

Ginny and Georgia Additional Plot points

  • Maxine is still hung up over Sophie. 
  • Austin is bullied by another kid, but Zach defends him. 
  • Georgia wants a more expensive wedding dress and tries to persuade Paul to ask his parents to get more money.
  • In a flashback, a younger Georgia tries to socialize with other girls at a retail store, but then they see she has a young daughter and are instantly put off by her. 
  • Georgia rings Zion and asks him if he’s coming to her wedding. Zion is unsure. Georgia highlights how Zion is his only friend, despite their history.

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