Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 3-7 Recap – Does Georgia Confess Murder to Ginny?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 4, 2024)
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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 3-7 Recap
Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit - Neflix)

Same old, same old. Georgia (Brianne Howey) and Ginny (Antonia Gentry) are clashing at the opening of Season 2 Episode 3. Georgia is irked that Ginny was serving Paul (Scott Porter) breakfast. Ginny narrates that her entire life is a lie. She sees her mother as a cold-blooded murderer. The war continues; it’s Georgia against Ginny. As well as recapping Episode 3, I’ve recapped 4-7 too.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Ginny is struggling in therapy. Her therapist tells her that they need to find a way to trust each other so they can help her. The therapist gives her tools to distract herself from self-harm. She asks Ginny to call her the next time she thinks she’s going to self-harm. 

Using her mother’s credit cards, Ginny buys Austin a GameBoy as revenge for Georgia using Austin’s name to open up a credit account. Georgia is furious, and she tells Ginny that she cannot be trusted. After this argument, Ginny uses the tools to stop self-harming. And then Marcus heads over. He’s worried about Ginny. Ginny gets defensive and asks Marcus to leave. Marcus does not want the drama, and he leaves.

After being encouraged to write a poem for therapeutic reasons by her father, Ginny gets to it. At school the next day, Marcus tries speaking to her again. Ginny apologizes, and Marcus wants her to do a poem about Christmas. It turns into a near-intimate moment, but Maxine interrupts them.

But then Maxine bumps into Abby, who tells her that she was at the café the other day and she saw Sophie with another guy on a date. Maxine blows her off, and Abby is clearly done. She turns around and asks Ginny if she’d like to smoke weed.

Ginny accepts her proposal, and they go to Abby’s house to smoke. The girls bond and Abby is in a strange mood, talking about “daddy issues” before bringing up Ginny’s relationship with Marcus. Ginny blushes, revealing how much she likes him. Abby expresses how Maxine is being a “raging bitch,” and Ginny agrees. The outcasts are feeling connected after being ousted.

To make a statement, Ginny and Abby walk into school together with confidence and a strut. Maxine looks confused. However, they did skip class, so they are in trouble. When Ginny gets to work, Joe senses that she is high, but Ginny changes the conversation and asks if he’s going on another date.  At work, Ginny is asked about Hunter by Padma. Ginny gets irate about having to feel guilty about Hunter. Padma tells her she doesn’t think she’s evil.

Cynthia is panicking because her child, Zach, has a stolen book from the Neighbourhood Club. Georgia offers to help take the book back without getting in trouble. In return, she wants something; to be part of the Neighbourhood Club. Georgia obviously planned this.

Ginny returns home, and she tells Georgia and Paul that she’s been smoking weed and skipping school. Ginny says they are all a happy family and lists names, including “Mary,” putting Georgia into a panic attack. Georgia heads out onto the car and sobs while breathing through the panic attack.

Ginny then meets Marcus and asks him, “what makes you a bad person?” She reveals that her mother has done the worst thing imaginable. Marcus guesses that her mother has murdered someone. Marcus asks Ginny who her mother killed, and Ginny is alarmed by how calm he is about this conversation. However, Marcus is not surprised that Georgia has killed someone. Ginny reveals that Georgia killed her stepfather. Marcus asks if her stepfather is a “good person.” Ginny tells him, “no,” so Marcus tries to brush it off.

Finally having a weight off her chest, Ginny tries to initiate sex with Marcus, but he declines. He knows it’s not the right time. He promises not to tell anyone her secret.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Ending – Does Georgia Confess Murder to Ginny?

Ginny joins her mother in the car and asks her mother why she murdered her stepfather. Georgia tells her she did it for her and the family. She felt like she didn’t have another option; she expresses how no one was protecting her. Georgia goes into a rant and tells Ginny that she’d kill for her – “I took all the darkness, and I ate it.” She didn’t want Ginny to be hurt by other men, including her stepfather. 

The speech delivered by Georgia says everything; she did everything for Ginny and her brother to get them to school and to provide. She did it regardless if she was deemed a good mother or not. 

Georgia asks Ginny to promise not to tell anyone. Ginny, knowing she’s already told Marcus, promises not to tell anyone. As the tagline of the series suggests, “they are in this together now.”

Season 2 Episode 3 felt in danger of passing you by, but the final act delivers, keeping viewers hooked in once again. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Season 2 Episode 4 opens up with Ginny narrating that her mother is not a “normal mom.” And then Georgia narrates how the rules were not made for them, so why follow them? As this narration plays out, Georgia sees Marcus sneak into their house.

Knowing she’s on her period, Ginny decides to give Marcus a blow job. It’s her first time, and Marcus doesn’t think it feels good. Georgia then opens the door, and Marcus hides. She asks Ginny to go to CVS to get her birth control. When Ginny leaves, Georgia calls Marcus out of the closet where he was hiding.

Marcus leaves the closet, and Georgia interrogates him. Marcus claims he loves Ginny. Georgia tells Marcus that Ginny is special and that one day, she’s going to leave them all. Georgia asks Marcus not to hold her back “when the time comes.” Marcus promises her. Georgia then lands the comedy and tells him that if he gets her pregnant, she’ll kill her.

At this point, Ginny walks back in and sees that her mother set them both up. Once Marcus leaves, Georgia tells Ginny that Marcus is in love with her. Ginny wants sex advice, specifically around blowjobs. With things seemingly feeling normal, Georgia checks in that Ginny is okay with her. Ginny confirms she’s fine with their relationship.

But it’s not all smooth sailing in the Miller household; Paul starts questioning Georgia’s parenting and wants a different approach between them. Paul clearly wants to be involved in decision-making more now that he’s the “man of the house.”

At school, Maxine is excited because it’s her birthday. Abby put up a birthday sign for her, but Maxine rips it down. And then, Sophie wishes Maxine a happy birthday. Maxine invites Sophie to her birthday party.

Joe walks into work with a bruised eye, and Ginny and Padma ask him about it, but he deflects. And then, Georgia asks him, and once again, Joe deflects. Georgia then asks Joe to help cater a party she’s doing for the Neighbourhood Club.

Pressing her parenting ability, Paul asks Georgia why she wouldn’t take the recommendations from the teacher regarding Austin. Georgia doesn’t want labels on her child and gets irritated by explaining they are not his children. Paul and Georgia start arguing about responsibilities. Afterward, Georgia asks her daughter Ginny if she’ll be her Maid of Honour at her wedding. Of course, Ginny accepts.

It’s therapy time for Ginny, and the conversation is about her mother. Ginny asks the therapist if “who you are is predetermined.” The therapist tells Ginny that she needs to be honest about how she’s feeling, or she will not get better.

To ease tensions with the family, Georgia launches a Living Room Dance Party. Ginny is resistant at first, but she joins in with Georgia, Austin, and Paul. Ginny says she will head out, and Paul asks about a curfew. Ginny says she will return at a “reasonable hour.” Georgia warns Ellen that Ginny is heading over. Ellen walks into Marcus’s room as Marcus was hooking up with Ginny and sits in between them. Parents working together!

Maxine’s 16th birthday party is nearly at risk of being canceled due to a basement being flooded. Maxine loses her cool and finally has a heated conversation with Ginny. Ginny tells Maxine that she wants an apology because she hurt her. Ginny slips up that she loves Marcus, which softens Maxine’s tone. Maxine finally apologizes, and Georgia offers her house as a location for her party.

Paul and Georgia decide to have a meal at Joe’s restaurant to celebrate Paul moving in. Paul senses that Joe has a crush on Georgia, which she quickly dismisses. And then, Georgia senses Ginny has fooled her (she was meant to be at Zion’s with Austin).

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 4 ending

At the party, Hunter and Ginny apologize to each other for how they behaved. Hunter confesses that he loved Ginny. He feels it was his first love. Ginny tells Hunter that she loved him too, but implies as a friend. Hunter tells Ginny that she should make sure that Marcus is good to her. 

Marcus tells Ginny that she wants to be in a relationship. It’s a nice moment between them before Ginny practices her blowjob skills. But then, the parents show up and break up the party. 

Paul tells Ginny that they expect more from her. Paul is trying to play the stepfather’s role. Georgia is proud that her daughter threw a rager and thinks it’s a sign that she hasn’t screwed up too badly.

Meanwhile, Ginny lays in bed, pondering why her mother murdered for her. She’s struggling to sleep thinking about it. She feels there is blood on her hands. Feeling she’s on the edge, she rings her therapist before she self-harms herself. She admits she’s not okay. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Season 2 Episode 5 opens up with Ginny narrating how she loves her mother and that she has to protect her. However, she feels like she’s drowning and understands now why Georgia keeps running. She doesn’t know how her mother acts normal in day-to-day life.

Afterward, Ginny heads to school and confirms to her friends that she and Marcus are in an official relationship. Hunter has to stand on the side, feeling awkward.

At work, Georgia is put in charge of an event that will help put funds into charities for Women in Shelters. This sits close to home for her, considering the pains of poverty she had to endure while raising Ginny. Nick speaks to Georgia privately, and he’s still upset that she embezzled money. Georgia tells Nick that she counts him as a real friend and asks him to be her bridesman.

For the event, Georgia is hosting a Murder Mystery party, which irks Ginny. Ginny tells Marcus that she’s the reason a man is dead, but Marcus reassures her, saying she cannot control what her mother does.

During an intimate moment between Georgia and Paul, Zion calls and interrupts them. Zion wants to be kept in the loop about his children. Georgia tells Zion and Paul to go out and have a drink together so they can be a team.

Ginny attends therapy. She tells her therapist that she’s been writing poems in her journal. She raises how her racist teacher is singling her out. The therapist relates to Ginny, as she grew up in a predominantly white town too. She asks Ginny if she has a safe space. Ginny explains that her mother, Georgia, is not a safe space. Ginny is not sure what book to pick for her English Teacher. The teacher wants a book that represents African American people.

Zion and Paul hang out at Joe’s restaurant for a drink to get to know each other. Paul tells Zion that he knows that he slept with Georgia before they get engaged. Joe is nearby, listening to this awkward conversation.

Paul wants to know if there’s anything to be worried about, but Zion reassures him, telling him that they make a nice couple. Zion opens up and says he has met someone special. Paul and Zion end up gushing over their admiration for Ginny.

Georgia managed to un-ground all the girls by telling the parents that they all wrote apology letters, so they head to Brodie’s place to drink and smoke. Marcus joins the band and uses the electric guitar, and the girls are impressed. Hunter joins him in an unexpected bonding session. Marcus then tells Ginny to play the piano.

Paul returns home drunk, and she tells Georgia that he likes Zion. And then, Paul finds a hidden gun, and he’s dismayed. He lectures Georgia about gun statistics. Georgia tells Paul that she will get rid of it. Flashbacks show a young Georgia arranging a date with a man, and she tries to hide that she has a daughter. The man finds out about Ginny and orders a takeaway to stay in instead.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 5 ending – what did Ginny’s poem about Georgia mean?

The Murder Mystery party at the Neighborhood Club begins. It’s awkward; Paul is angry about the gun he found, and Private Investigator Gabriel is there. Meanwhile, Ginny attends an open mic night at Joe’s restaurant with Padma and Marcus. Joe tries to do stand-up comedy with the microphone to try to cheer Cynthia up.

Ginny gets on the stage and reads one of her poems. She reads out passionately. During her poetry, Georgia and Paul walk in, which catches her off guard.

The poem details Ginny’s relationship with Georgia, where she talks about suffering in silence, inheriting sins, and becoming the monster that she was born from. Knowing what the words mean, Georgia sobs. Her daughter publically called her a monster by using a poem.

With the bar closed down, Cynthia and Joe continue spending time with each other. They eventually kiss, but then Cynthia is shocked at what’s just happened, and she leaves. 

Back at home, Ginny apologizes to her mother. Georgia explains how surprised she is at how quickly she grew up. She cannot believe that someone amazing like Ginny came from someone like her. It’s a sad end to a chapter for the mother and daughter.

As the episode ends, Austin is shocked to see his father, Gil Timmons, at his school. 

Season 2 Episode 5 meanders over the plot points, but the poetry delivered by Ginny is enough to make it a memorable chapter. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

Season 2 Episode 6 opens making it known it’s Christmas. Ginny narrates how she’s always loved Christmas, even when her family was poor.  Georgia is still upset at Ginny’s poem; her daughter called her a monster. Afterward, Georgia and Paul have to prepare for their families’ merging for Christmas. However, Ginny can sense that her mother is upset with her.

Austin is enjoying his father’s company at school. He’s performing magic tricks. Austin is confused that he doesn’t want his mother to know that he’s here. And then Paul picks up Austin as Gil leaves. Gil checks out Paul briefly. Danger is coming.

When Austin gets home, he finds a hidden gun. Georgia has assured Paul that there are no more guns in the house. Meanwhile, Private Investigator Gabriel continues to dig into Georgia’s life.

Ginny and Georgia go out Christmas shopping. However, Georgia is still upset, and Ginny tries to reason with her. Flashbacks show a younger Georgia enjoying Christmas with Ginny and Gil. Gil gets Georgia an expensive necklace.

Back to the present, Georgia and Ginny walk into Zion’s apartment, and his new lover Simone is there, which makes it very awkward. Georgia keeps digging a hole up until the point that she invites Zion’s family over for the Christmas Eve meal. When Georgia gets home, she researches Simone on social media.

Georgia runs a Christmas Event as part of Paul’s Mayoral event. Gabriel attends the event, and Georgia questions why he has come. Gabriel asks about Georgia’s lawyer, who helped with her ex-husband’s estate. The lawyer was linked to a violent biker gang.

Paul is Santa at the event, but a lot of young mothers have attended because Georgia posted a sexy photo of him on social media. Georgia tells him the pros of publicity. Paul is irritated with Georgia for many things; family problems, the gun, and the children. He doesn’t want to be disrespected in his own home. He wants to be let in. Georgia apologizes to him.

Meanwhile, feeling stressed and overwhelmed by recent events, Ginny grabs a lighter, heads to her bedroom, and self-harms.

We then move to the Christmas Eve meal. Georgia’s family, Zion’s family, and Paul’s family all together. It’s awkward immediately as Georgia’s history is brought up, including Gil, Austin’s father. Georgia diverts and asks Zion about the woman she is dating, Simone.

Eventually, Georgia loses it as Zion’s mother keeps on talking about her life. Georgia argues that she has given her children a life. Zion’s mother disputes that idea.

Georgia walks away from the table, so Ginny tries to support her, but she refuses it. Zion tries, and Georgia is emotional; she believes she may have ruined Ginny. Paul then takes the turn to help Georgia, but she decides to go outside “for air.”

Georgia heads to Joe’s restaurant, leaving the families in her home. She tells Joe that she really thought she could have the perfect life in this town. Georgia then asks Joe why he isn’t with his family. She wants to know more about him. Georgia then tells Joe that she’s always liked him because she never feels like he’s judging her. She gives him a hug and thanks him. Joe is deeply in love with her, you can tell.

When Georgia gets home, Paul has a glass of wine waiting for her. Meanwhile, Cynthia sees Joe. Despite rejecting him earlier after he wanted to talk about their kiss, she kisses him again. She’s clearly changed her mind. It gets steamy really quickly.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 ending – how does Georgia find out that Ginny self-harms?

It’s Christmas Day, and Georgia and the family open presents together. Paul has gifted Georgia with the perfect wedding venue that she wanted. And then, Austin gets up and does a magic trick for everyone. Georgia is thrown by his magic skills, reminding her of Gil. And then, Gil turns up and joins in. Georgia is confused, not knowing when Gil got out of prison. 

In private, Gil tells Georgia that he’s changed. When he leaves, Georgia has to breathe deeply as she relives the trauma. 

But then, Georgia picks up Ginny’s journal and learns that her daughter burns herself. She rings Zion immediately. She’s surprised that Zion already knows and that Ginny is in therapy. 

Georgia confronts Ginny with a lighter and says, “show me!”. Georgia tries to get Ginny to show her the burns. Ginny gives in and shows her the burns, and Georgia is distraught and inconsolable, asking many questions. 

Ginny tells her mother that she hates doing it and she wants it to stop. The mother and daughter embrace in a tight hug. Georgia apologizes for missing it all. She asks her daughter to give all the pain to her. Ginny sobs, letting it all out in her mother’s arms. 

Damn, some of the endings of these episodes are impactful. Season 2 Episode 6 brought all the emotions. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit – Netflix)

After an emotional Christmas, Season 2 Episode 7 opens with Ginny and Georgia snacking on food and watching their favorite movies. They haven’t left the couch in days. Ginny learns that Marcus is back, so Georgia gives her the space to go see him. Their couch time is over.

And then, Georgia confronts Zion about Ginny’s self-harm and therapy. She’s angry that he kept it from her. After, Georgia speaks to Gil. He insists that he has changed, but she doesn’t trust him. Gil explains how he missed her and that there’s sexual tension between them. However, Georgia rejects that idea. Gil makes it clear that he just wants to see his son.

Ginny presents a book to the class, just like her teacher asks her to. The teacher asks everyone to read three chapters and says that Ginny will lead the class discussion next time. This throws Ginny — once again, she is being singled out by this teacher with an agenda.

Gil and Austin return home. Paul immediately takes the “stepfather role” and tells Austin to go to bed. And then Zion drops off Ginny. It’s awkward between the three men, and it’s almost a Western. Zion is surprised to see Gil out of prison. Gil leaves, and Paul and Zion agree that they both don’t like Gil.

Why do they attend therapy together?

Georgia attends therapy with Ginny. She wants to sit in on the session and find out what’s happening with her daughter. Ginny allows her mother to stay. The therapist tells Georgia that she doesn’t respect Ginny’s boundaries.

Ginny expresses that she’s always been lonely and moving to new towns. She wants her mother to understand her and her boundaries, including that she’s black.  She wants to be listened to. Georgia agrees but also wants to be heard too. Ginny explains that Georgia is a force that takes up a lot of space, leaving her barely any room. 

After a difficult therapy session, Georgia needs a drink. Ginny pulls out Marcus’s flask, and they have a shot together. Georgia tells Ginny that vulnerability is her superpower. Ginny opens up and explains she has to do a lesson plan at school, which she doesn’t want to do. 

Ginny delivers the lesson for her English teacher based on the book she recommended. She tells the teacher that “this sucks” because she’s been singled out and leaves. She tells the teacher that she’s dropping English.

Maxine follows her, and Ginny feels regretful, but she doesn’t know what to do next. She feels like no one else speaks on her behalf, including Maxine. She wants more support from her friends. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 7 ending

Georgia has a surprise bachelorette party at Joe’s restaurant. In a flashback, a young Georgia brings out a birthday cake for Ginny in front of Gil and Zion. Back in the present, Georgia is having a lot of fun with her girls. Maxine apologizes to Ginny for not being there for her. And then, Private Investigator Gabriel turns up to the party too. Ginny confronts him and tells him to leave. Gabriel immediately leaves.

When Georgia gets home, she learns that Gil has taken Austin and panics, but then they both quickly return. Season 5 Episode 7 ends with Georgia checking out her hidden handgun. 

You can feel it. This is not going to end well. Episode 7 of Season 2 may not be the best chapter, but there’s never a dull moment. 

What did you think of Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 3-7? Comment below.

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