Where are Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia Divine Now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 6, 2023 (Last updated: November 11, 2023)
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Where are Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia Divine Now

Jeff and Shaleia Divine are the founders of the online community Twin Flames, which became the subject of an article in Vanity Fair by journalist Alice Hines, who looked into the community that many people would claim was a cult. With streaming services focusing on this pair, many will be wondering where they are now and what they do. We detail as much as we can in this article. 

The still active site offers its members a way to find love and companionship by selling online classes that guarantee a perfect union with desired partners known as “twin flames.”

In 2023, an Amazon Prime documentary series, Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe would explore the claims made by people who had been involved with the community and would uncover some sinister allegations.

The series takes a deep dive into allegations of stalking and manipulation and speaks with the families of people who claimed to be victimized by the cult-like foundation. Jeff and Shaleia Ayan are the couple behind the society and claim to have special spiritual powers.

The strange and controversial story also features in the Netflix documentary seeries Escaping Twin Flames, too, making it a highly heated topic for both streaming platforms.

Jeff and Shaleia Divine – Explaining the Twin Flames Universe

Jeff and Shaleia would purport that having a “twin flame” was more than just finding the perfect partner but was instead a spiritual connection made between two people after God had chosen that person for you.

They claimed they were each other’s “twin flame” and founded the site so that other people would also be able to make that connection. However, the premise of the society would lead to many problems.

One example that may summarise some of the issues that would arise was the compulsion that a member of the group had when deciding that actor Ryan Gosling was their “twin flame”. The obsession the woman had led to Gosling filing a restraining order against her.

However, the couple would find a large audience who would join their private Facebook group and be convinced by the videos posted that would talk of self-love and development, and soon, the sessions posted on sites for free would only be available after payment was made for them.

The Twin Flame Essential School would become a lucrative business, with seminars offered to people looking for love, costing between 20 and 200 dollars each. Journalist Alice Hines features heavily in the series directed by Emmy winner Marina Zenovich.

Hines is the only investigator who would be able to visit the couple at their home, capturing the encounter on video.

After Hines’ article, many associated with the site would leave, but the couple behind the business were undeterred, and the community is still ongoing and seemingly attracting new people all the time. In an article in Vanity Fair, Hines would say, “They are still recruiting people, and they primarily target people who are lonely or broken-hearted, people who are unlucky in love.”

In the Amazon documentary, she states the organization “dupes people with the promise of love. There’s all of these ways that people can get tricked and find, not love, but something that’s actually a lot of times traumatic.”

Where are Twin Flames Jeff and Shaleia Divine Now?

The couple have been together for over ten years and show no signs of moving apart. They reside in an impressive house on the outskirts of Traverse City, Michigan, where they continue to run the business.

Their YouTube channel remains, though they haven’t uploaded any videos in over a year.

Have Jeff and Shaleia got children?

Yes, the couple have one daughter named Grace, who was conceived after two unsuccessful rounds of IVF.

In a blog post announcing the pregnancy Jeff had the following to say:

After some time of doctor-mandated recovery from IVF, we decided to go it on our own. We wanted a family of our own, we wanted to express our teachings in family as we had in marriage. We wanted to show others what family could be when The Teachings of Union were applied. We wanted to share our joy with you here. We weren’t going to give up and we were going to leave it to God what soul or souls would come through to be with us as family.

Thank goodness for The Teachings of Union.


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