Koala Man Season 1 review – a comical, chaotic delight

By Emma Vine
Published: January 6, 2023 (Last updated: January 24, 2024)
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Koala Man Season 1 review – a comical, chaotic delight


Koala Man is a well-crafted, rollercoaster ride of a series with likable characters, an outstanding cast, captivating visuals, and non-stop laughs.

We review Hulu’s Koala Man season 1, which does not contain spoilers. The series will be released on the streaming service on January 9th, 2023.

Hulu has released some stellar adult animated series over the last few years, with titles such as Crossing Swords, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K., and Solar Opposites. Thankfully, 2023 is no exception to the rule, and what better way to kickstart the year than with a binge-worthy delight? Koala Man, an Australian Hulu Original, comes equipped with a cleverly curated superhero tale amidst a world of monstrous chaos, so you may want to buckle up, as you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Michael Cusack is the creator and title role of the series, with Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit as showrunners of the project. Casting includes Succession’s Sarah Snook, comedian Demi Lardner, actor and comedian Jemaine Clement, and the legendary Hugh Jackman. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Justin Roiland is also an executive producer, so need I say more?

Koala Man Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

The story follows Kevin (Cusack), a husband and father who is an upstanding member of society. He cares deeply about Dapto, the town he calls home, doubling as a superhero named Koala Man outside of his ordinary life. His mission? Simple. To assist citizens of the beloved suburb and keep the streets in pristine condition and void of crime. Whether a cat needs rescuing from a tree or loitering in the local vicinity needs to be stopped immediately, he’s the guy to call.

As it turns out, Kevin isn’t a natural when it comes to the whole superhero thing. He appears to have bitten off more than he can chew, and his neighbor’s lawn not being up to snuff is the least of his worries. Still, his failure to thrive as the protector he longs to be is just as humorous as it is endearing.

As the protagonist, creator, and voice of multiple characters in the series, Cusack showcases just how versatile he is as an entertainer. Koala Man/Kevin is likable and amusing, and Cusack sells each of his personality traits with such conviction. The characters surrounding Koala Man are well crafted and not only complement the superhero but each, even if cast in a minor role, is interesting and enjoyable to watch.

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The dialogue is perfectly delivered and timed, allowing self-deprecating humor, wit, and innuendos to shine through. This reflects how talented the actors are, especially with the inability to depict body language in real-time. Jackman is a particular highlight, portraying Kevin’s boss Big Greg, who is as blunt as they come and is sure to be a favorite among fans.

In addition, Snook, who plays Kevin’s wife, Vicky, Lardner,­ who portrays his daughter Alison, and Cusack (who also voices Kevin’s son Liam) demonstrate varying awkward, yet relatable, and comedic, family dynamics. Cultural references are also frequently incorporated into the storyline, with Koala Man adequately balancing a fantasy world with real-life situations.

Another honorable mention is how finely tuned every detail is. The colorful animations are stunning, making the viewing experience visually pleasing and captivating, while the sound effects are realistic and fully in sync. The town of Dapto is in turmoil, and the story is purposefully over the top, but that is what makes the show so entertaining.

Is Koala Man Season 1 on Hulu good?

Overall, Koala Man is remarkable, fun, and one of the best adult animation series of the last five years. The jokes land, the acting shines, and the characters and storyline are intriguing and hold the viewers’ interest. If you’re a fan of Cusack and Roiland’s previous work, with Rick and Morty and YOLO: Crystal Fantasy being among your favorites, then Koala Man will certainly be for you.

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